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Wired Productions

The Falconeer | Double Vinyl | WP #01

The Falconeer | Double Vinyl | WP #01

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The Falconeer | Double Vinyl

    • 2xLP on Azure blue Coloured Vinyl.
    • Hardcover Gatefold.
    • Music by Benedict Nichols.
    • Album Art by Haley Wakefield.
    • Mastered for Vinyl by Benedict Nichols.
    • Published by Wired Productions.
    • Limited to 500 pressings. 
    • 2 exclusive tracks.

More Info

Tomas Sala, a one man developer, true talisman and industry warrior, became a beacon for just what is possible in “indie development” when he created and launched BAFTA nominated The Falconeer - a project that Tomas poured every ounce of soul, passion and creativity into. Core to the game experience was the emotional use of music, and this vinyl release is a celebration of the enjoyment and expression unleashed from the soundtrack and all the talented people involved.

Award-winning composer Benedict Nichols brings together an eclectic cathedral of a soundtrack that summons the dual nature of The Falconeer; nuanced, but yet dynamic! Steeped in a sense of nature, the score is layered with the beautiful and frenetic, the soundtrack invokes both the transcendental waters and high-energy of aerial combat by using everything from Mongolian throat-singing to razor-edge synthesis, organs, and Balkan choirs.

Tomas and Benedict sat down together as they painstakingly handpicked the tracks that made it onto this stunning double LP, with a majestic sea azure blue and a sea green variant being chosen for the colours of the vinyl pressings. To contrast this, the team turned to illustrator Haley Wakefield, who, inspired by the themes, mood and visuals of the release, crafted a stunning and exclusive piece of art, lovingly housed in a gatefold sleeve.

For any audio fan of gaming soundtracks, film scores and beyond, these details make it a must have to own and limited to just 500 pressings per variant it’s a treasure you will need to act swiftly to secure.

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