The Black Label

Black Label #01: Victor Vran

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Black Label #01 Victor Vran

Celebrate Victor Vran, Lemmy and Motörhead, and Doug Cockle, in this kick-ass ARPG experience made by talented Haemimont Games, with the very first Black Label edition!

Driven by passion, the Black Label is a celebration of art, music and of course the game.  Limited to just 2,500 units per PS4 or NSW format, the Black Label features a new print run of Victor Vran: Overkill Edition.  Wrapped in the signature Black Label box, the contents inside commemorate the title and its developers with proof of authenticity label, numbered to the edition of the owner, along with the custom Wired razor metal print celebrating the art, with the design and art carefully created by a guest artist who will put their spin on already iconic artwork, alongside the acclaimed original soundtrack on CD and the exclusive Wired trading cards. This collection truly celebrates the creatives that poured their hearts into Victor Vran, and is a must-have for any video games collector.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently finalising this product, although the artwork is still subject to change. We expect to ship 4 months after our pre-orders close and will communicate clearly delivery times.