Xbox Falconeer Patch Now Available

November 19, 2020

Xbox Falconeer Patch Now Available

Attention all Xbox Falconeers! 

A new patch is available to download for The Falconeer, and it features a host of bug fixes, UI improvements and gameplay changes for smoother adventuring in the Great Ursee!

Full patch notes are as follows :

Bug Fixes

  • C4M4 and C4M8 now respawn enemy ships if you retry the mission after having destroyed one or both ships
  • World Map shows the correct 12 fortresses
  • Mission delivery items such as the key or the packages, when they are thrown somewhere where they can end up beneath the world such as the Maw now respawn at a last known good location . This was an issue in C3M10

UI Changes

  • Skippers reward text is now at the bottom and doesn't overlap with mission debrief.
  • Bird portrait now doesn't clip back and forth between mutated and not in birdseller screen

Gameplay changes

  • Cash from falcons is returned on chapter change
  • 50% of cash from mutagens is returned on chapter change
  • Maw stealth space is a bit roomier
  • Game saves always on landing, (not just on finishing a mission), so discovery progress is kept
  • Controller changes can now be cancelled by exiting thru esc or back button
  • Badge of seeker added to Oberon’s Reach store