Wired Supports #GamesforCarers

April 29, 2020

Wired Productions Support Games for Carers

It's impossible to ignore the current pandemic which has changed our way of life in every way imaginable.

However while the world itself may be on 'Pause' right now - there are a multitude of front line staff and health professionals that are facing the pandemic up front and personal on a daily basis.

Whilst staying isolated and helping to reduce unnecessary pressure on the health service is probably the biggest way to help out where we can - we wanted to go a little step further and show our appreciation.

That is why we are proud to announce that Wired Productions is supporting the #GamesForCarers campaign.

What is Games For Carers?

Games For Carers is an initiative originally conceived by Chris Scullion,and driven by UKIE (The Association for UK interactive Entertainment) with the purpose of providing codes for games, free of charge to NHS staff to enjoy in their downtime.

Anyone with an NHS email address will be able to visit :

To access a specially designed site from KeyMailer where they can login with their NHS email, and pick up a free game code.

We have provided over 1,000 codes across all of our games on a variety of platforms in order to contribute to this campaign - and bolstered by over 50 other games companies - we hope that it plays some small part in helping to show support in this challenging time.