March 13, 2020

Image showing the EGX Rezzed logo


So the not so surprising news happened... EGX Rezzed is postponed.

Of course, the safety of our Developers, the Wired employees and our players is of the utmost importance to us, above even the excitement of getting our new games into players hands - and with this in mind, we've been in dialogue with the organisers of EGX Rezzed throughout this week and fully stand by their decision to postpone the event.

We love EGX Rezzed, It's become a crucial date in the gaming (and Wired's!) calendar and is a fantastic place for indie developers to bring their creations to new audiences. Hot off the back of PAX East, we were pumped to give the UK audience the opportunity to play our upcoming titles. As a company that has attended every Rezzed for as long as we can think, it's one of our favourite shows and we're sad not to be able to attend.

So we sympathise and share the disappointment that the event organisers and the wider gaming community have. We were pretty far into our plans but your safety, and that of our team is far more important than games. We'll be looking at alternative avenues to bring players access to our titles over the coming weeks and months - including our new weekly streams on Twitch, which sees our developers join the team for 'Director's Commentary' tours of our upcoming titles. (seriously, check them out, they are soooo good.)

You can read more on the postponement and reasons by visiting the official EGX Rezzed Blog HERE.

Until we meet again, play hard, and wash your hands.