Wired MD Leo Zullo writes for MCV

April 23, 2019

Wired MD Leo Zullo writes for MCV

Wired MD Leo Zullo gave his thoughts to video games trade publication, MCV, following our recent award for Gaming Campaign of the Year!

"If I’m honest. I was a little surprised when we heard Wired’s name called out. Not through lack of faith in our work or my team, but as a group, our only goal for the night was to have a good time and celebrate with our peers in the industry. Plus I’ve never won a thing in my life, so… low expectations 😊  

Being Independent is not easy. And even more difficult as an Indie Publisher. The calibre of who we were nominated alongside shows what we face. Deep pockets where creativity is easy - and that's not knocking them at all.

Going alone is much more difficult, but can be also more rewarding. People throw 'creativity' around a lot, but being really creative is when you have to be much more clever with smaller budgets and think outside of the box.

I’m proud of my team for delivering a campaign that flipped retail upside down (we literally sent hundreds of fans in stores to flip the box upside down!) and utilised key strategic partners to help showcase and highlight key elements of the title.

Of course, a campaign is nothing, if what you’re trying to flog is an out of date apple. With Caged Element, we knew we had a hit. Something ripe and ready. Caged share the same ethics as Wired and have been a pleasure to work with. First parties loved the early demos and were engaged really early. We managed to ship physical copies worldwide and even had to grow our distribution networks to do so.

The game succeeded because of people. And People is really in the heart of what Wired stands for. From our internal teams, our partners, developers and of course our players.

This award also goes out to the numerous partners who got stuck in and helped the campaign. The campaign changed a lot for Wired. It challenged and highlighted opportunities. In fact, from starting the project to right now, we’re 70% larger than we first were in head count. We expanded our QA team, further strengthened our marketing and productions teams, and it really shows in the quality of assets and campaigns we’re producing. We adapted and made clever decisions.

In less than a year from the announcement, we’d attended every show possible, from events in the US, to England and to Poland. We’d connected with one of the biggest independent record labels, who had just finished working on Forza, and got an incredible set of tracks for GRIP. We reached out to 90’s combat fans with a series of placed editorials and viral videos (our Scalextric trailer still makes me laugh hard!)

We’ve been transforming ourselves over the past two years. Building on the success and gaining scale with each release. We’re incredibly excited for Close to the Sun and can’t wait to share the other IP’s we’re cooking. Awards wasn’t something we really had on any to-do list. If I’m honest now, however, after hearing our name and seeing that razor on the big screen, it’s kind of giving me the flavour for more…

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