Those Who Remain Xbox Patch

June 02, 2020

Those Who Remain Xbox Patch

Making one night in Dormont a little smoother

Good afternoon everyone.

We've been hard at work catching up with all the feedback from players since we launched Those Who Remain last Thursday - thank you all for your kind words, your suggestions and stories, it's been a heck of a ride and we're glad you're sharing it with us.

That being said, there's always going to be a few pesky bugs that show up - no not the huge man sized spiders that occupy the otherworld of Dormont, but annoying video game bugs that get in the way of your enjoyment.

We've been collecting those too! 
And have pushed out a patch for the Xbox platform to squash a few of them - you can find the patch notes below :-

- Fixed bug within Police Station that occurs if the player is caught by Monster while reading documents.
- Further optimisation carried out for Xbox X 4K in order to deliver stable 30 FPS.
- Fixed bug within Library that occurs if player is caught by Monster after triggering lever.
- Fixed bug within Endings whereby flooring collider is missing.

As always we will continue to take any feedback and bugs brought to our attention on all platforms and let you know as and when they are fixed!