Those Who Remain Revealed!

August 07, 2019

Those Who Remain Revealed!

Enjoying the exciting build-up to Gamescom so far? We don’t blame you!

As you may already know, we will be bringing THREE brand new games into the Wired family at Gamescom 2019, today we’re thrilled (and horrified) to welcome Camel 101 to the Wired family, with their new psychological horror – Those Who Remain.

Come – Gather around the campfire and listen to our story…

Their newly weaved dark tale places you in the sleepy town of Dormont where strange disappearances have started to occur. You’ll step into the boots of Edward a man who was living the American dream – until he wasn’t.

A loyal wife, a beautiful daughter and all the happiness in the world couldn’t stop a dark temptation from awakening. Sinking a forgettable amount of whiskey and pushing bullets into the chamber of a gun, a simple text message pushes Edward out to salvage what he can of his previous life.

Driving into the night, Edward follows the source of the provocative text message – Tonight his secret tryst would have to end.

Everything will be fine after.
It has to be. 

Edward pulls in to the Golden Oak Motel, unaware this night will change his life…

Perhaps it will even change the perception of the horror genre – but that’s for all of you to decide!

Explore the morality of choice. Savour your sanity. Most importantly – don’t give in to the darkness of Dormont, it sees you.

Camel 101 are currently in the final stages of development of Those Who Remain and we’re very excited to be working with them on a project and story close to their hearts. We will have more details coming some time after Gamescom, but we’re happy to announce that Those who Remain will be launching on Steam (you can wishlist right now!), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – with a launch date to be announced at a later date!