This Week at Wired May 22nd

May 22, 2020

This Week at Wired

Hello there Wired fans and welcome to the very first 'This Week at Wired'
Your short one stop source for everything new surrounding the Wired community and our games!

This week contained birthdays (SO MANY BIRTHDAYS)  - Dormont horror - Space Updates - Mental Health campaigns - Fantastic Falconeer photos and awesome competitions.

There's an awful lot to cover - so let's dive right in!

Shadows fall on Dormont

Those Who Remain is right around the corner and things are getting a little bit spooky around here..

5 Things you need to know

You've probably seen our daily countdown shorts ticking down to launch on May 28th but In order to help prepare you for your unforgettable journey in Edward's shoes we put together a primer to let you know about what lies ahead...

Xbox One Pre-orders Live

Xbox users are now able to get their pre-orders in ready for launch on the Microsoft store!

Those Who Remain Xbox Pre-orders
To book your room at the Golden Oak Motel in advance check out the handy links for below!

Xbox : Pre-order Page
Steam : Wishlist Page 

PlayStation 4 users, we love you! But due to demonic shadow person shenanigans you'll have to wait til launch day in order to get your room sorted - don't worry though, it's much bigger than it looks and there will be plenty of space for all of you!

Speaking of PlayStation...

PlayStation Access Stream

The fine folks over on PlayStations YouTube channel managed to steel themselves for their own trip into Dormont.

2 Hours of shrieks, scares and Dave putting on his bravest face - It was a great show and a fantastic showcase of what's to come for you all next week!

If you missed it, you can catch it all over on their channel right here (but if you want to keep the surprise for yourselves we don't blame you either! Spoilers abound!)


Those Who Remain ARG

Not content with infecting the games social media accounts earlier in the month - a mysterious force has taken over the discord community and has been guiding the members through a rigorous 'choose your own adventure' set before the events of the game!

How this is going to play out is anybody's guess - but they could probably do with all the help they can get right now. Join them on their adventure through the link below!

Those Who Remain Discord 

The Helios Arrives on Steam

Earlier in the month we were so happy to bring Close To The Sun to Steam, GoG and other E-tailers! 

As part of the launch celebration we pulled some of the Developers from Storm in a Teacup onto an automated boat and took a trip to the Helios itself as part of a Live Steam Stream!

We learned an awful lot about the background of the game and how they created
it, ran some giveaways - and had a whale of a time!

If you couldn't catch it live - we got it all dressed up and uploaded on YouTube for your own viewing pleasure!


As part of the amazing Safe In Our World's continued effort to effect positive change surrounding mental health within the games industry and those who play - We were beyond proud this week to join them in launching the #LevelUpMentalHealth initiative.

You can catch a little more information on what this entails on our earlier blog post found here : #LevelUpMentalHealth Blog Post
And catch up on the broader message by checking out the video below :

Fractured Minds Joins Gamepass

The amazing Fractured Minds, created by Emily Mitchell in order to provide an avenue for herself and others to take a short journey of self discovery and reflection on self care, anxiety and depression - joined Xbox Gamepass this week!

As part of the GamePass subscription you can now download our artistic short for free! Though it is still available to purchase for £1.79 without it! 

Fractured Minds on Xbox 

Additionally, It was also included in this years ID@Xbox Games Fest! Another fantastic cause for celebration!

You can hear a little bit about the game through Emilys own words in the video created for the event right here :

Delivering the Console Patch

Fan favourite Deliver Us The Moon received the first of its console updates this week - tightening up a few of the bugs people had noticed, and yes - making that final MPT mission a bit easier!

Deliver Us The Moon Console Patch
Booting up your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One should prompt you with a download to get the newest mission update - with the following changes made :

- Fixed blurry textures of Earth
- Fixed shadows on Earth and Moon
- Fixed blocker on train exit on level 5
- Fixed some graphical issues on certain sections
- Updated final MPT alignment to make easier

Get yourself up to speed then go and get us our moon!

#Wiredis12 and birthdays all round!

Wired turned 12 at the end of last week (hurray!)

As part of the celebrations we ran through some of our favourite game publishing memories - such as :

- The star studded cast we got to work with for Victor Vran
- Reflecting back on our first game - The Last Inua!
- This wonderful rendition of happy birthday from our favourite streamer on the Citadel, CommanderIvy
- Giving the ferocious falcon in The Falconeer an adorable Party Hat
- Celebrating Deliver Us The Moon appearing on American morning news tv (which was AWESOME)

And many more.

We also ran a 12% discount on our store for the day - which folks took advantage of to get themselves some dope Shaq Fu and Grip Snapbacks!

And don't they look awesome!

We weren't the only ones celebrating however - with Community Moderator and all round good egg Sharkee77x also celebrating his birthday in the only way he knows how - with ludicrous snipes and high kill counts in Realm Royale!

Sharkee can often be found moonlighting as the worlds greatest conk sniper over on his Twitch channel - you can go pay the Shark Tank a visit here : 

Sharkee77x Twitch

And rounding up the birthday love, our very own Matthew Kaptur celebrated his own birthday! 

Matt is one of our fantastic QA team that make sure that your gaming woes are banished - that is unless you catch him on the battlefield in which case he has a particular set of skills that will quickly make it a nightmare! 

(though wouldn't tell us what he did to party - something nefarious no doubt!)

Love wired games, win awesome prizes!

As part of our birthday celebrations, we also added another competition to our roster!

Right now we have 2 pretty amazing competitions on the go that you can enter for your own chance to win incredible prizes!

Wired Birthday Competition
1 - A brand new Ps4 Pro and 5 of our amazing games to play on it (including the upcoming Those Who Remain) 
This one is limited to UK residents only and can be accessed by following the instructions in the following tweet :

Ps4 Pro Competition entry

2- A giveaway for an AWESOME RTX ON Geforce 2080 Video Card!

RTX ON 2080 giveaway
This thing will run ANYTHING you throw at it, eating up frames faster than Pacman and resolutions so high you'll need a cinema screen to appreciate them!
With all the added bonus of Nvidias latest RTX bells and whistles!

RTX 2080 Giveaway Entry

The RTX giveaway ends in 8 days! And the Ps4 in 35! so get those entries in now!

An image is worth a thousand words

Falconeer Friday has become our favourite day of the week purely because we get to show off just how GORGEOUS that game looks.

We recently unveiled some of the new effects you can put out into the photo mode in-game and...well the results speak for themselves.

Keep an eye out on The Falconeers Steam page for some upcoming Dev Blog action exploring the fantastic world of the Great Ursee - and be sure to throw it on your wish list while you're there - and check out the Discord for more amazing updates from solo developer Tomas along the way!

The Falconeer on Steam
The Falconeer Discord

Well that just about does it for this update - It's been a hectic one with lots to cover but you should be all up speed now!

We have our amazing launch show planned for Those Who Remain on Steam next week - as well as some pretty exciting blogs planned across our games - so keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time - stay safe #GetWIRED

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