This Week at Wired 30-08-2020

August 30, 2020

This Week at Wired

This Week at Wired - We got all Euro

The Falconeer represented the Netherlands

On Friday Ukie in collaboration with Dead Good PR hosted the worlds very first Europlay competition!

Indie games were voted upon and chosen by their national gaming associations to represent them in a 45 minute live show where 15 finalists were presented to the world to strut their stuff!

Our very own Falcon was chosen to represent The Netherlands, and along with hundreds of others we sat through an hour long show demonstrating some of the immense upcoming indie talent worldwide! 
Unfortunately for our high flying warbird the competition was won by the fantastic looking 'Melbits Pods' which charmed viewers with a combination of adorable creatures and AR cross platform ingenuity!

Nevertheless it was a fantastic show and a good time was had by all, and it was an honour to see The Falconeer representing in the competition! Same time next year Ukie? 

Avicii Score competitions take centre stage!

It's barely felt like a moment since we challenged the internet to share us their highest scores in the Avicii Invector Switch demo in order to win a copy of the game on launch.

Since then a handful of partnered sites have thrown down gauntlets of their own - asking folks to beat their scores in return for copies of the game!

You can catch the 'Tired Old Hack' competition which is UK only and ending tomorrow by clicking right here!

And the fantastic Fingerguns crew are sassing it up with their own competition you can enter by clicking right here!

There should be some more pretty awesome news for Avicii Invector surfacing next week so keep your eyes peeled on our socials...

Getting an ink fuelled GRIP

Some people would say that Fanart doesn't deserve a special mention in a weekly roundup.

To those people we say PAH! 

We adore seeing people using their talents - whether it be like last weeks virtual photography roundup - or via this awesome ink sketch of a thunderous roller from GRIP shared with us by Twitter user InkingKodi.

Keep on sharing your Wired inspired fanart and we'll keep putting on our virtual fridge!

You can see some more of InkingKodi's awesome sketches over on their profile right here!

Matthew Levelled up!

We love a good birthday in the Wired family - even if it is socially distant! 
Our might QA lead Matthew levelled up this week, and we can't wait to celebrate it with him in person eventually (just an excuse for more office donuts and KFC really!)

If somebody can get him out of the Gulag that is...

Happy birthday Matt!

Summer of Keys

Yup we are signing off with our awesome competition again!

Why? because it is ending SUPER SOON - we're talking less than 2 days!

Click right here and get yourself entered!

Then sit back and wait to see if you're one of the lucky recipients of one of our fantastic indie games to see of the summer Wired style!

Right - that's enough from me, go enjoy the rest of your weekend (and bank holiday if you're in the UK!) 
There are SO MANY AWESOME THINGS lined up that next week's post will make this one pale in comparison.

Get yourself prepared and keep an eye on our socials to catch these updates as they happen!

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Until next time!