This Week at Wired 31/05/2020

May 31, 2020

This Week At Wired

This Week at Wired we celebrated the digital launch of Those Who Remain on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Those Who Remain

Part one of the Dormont party plan was our fantastic launch trailer! Featuring a cover of Skeeter Davis 'The End of the World' Performed by Cerian and Christopher Lukins!

Pretty awesome right? 

It's been amazing watching everybody react and fall in love with the dark streets of Dormont, from gamers, horror enthusiasts, and streamers - the journey of discovery and questions of morality raised because of it have absolutely made our weekend - so thank you!

If you haven't played it yet - all is not lost, the links underneath here will take you to the games Steam, PlayStation and Xbox stores respectively!  

Green square 

Wired Launch Discount

We make a lot of noise about the #WIREDfamily online, and we like to think it isn't just lip service - from the love that all the developers of different studios show to eachother across our titles, to the inclusion of their games in eachothers worlds - it's an unshakeable mentality that makes Wired games truly special.

But it doesn't end with the developers - we appreciate the Wired fans and count you just as much as part of that family!

That's why - if you own ANY of our previous titles on Steam? You'll find an extra 10% discount on Those Who Remain on top of the launch discount until June 12th.

It's our little way to say thank you for getting Wired.


Because we don't do things by half - we also created this incredible neon lit monstrosity and offered it away as part of a competition! 
The competition should be wrapping up just about when this post goes live - but we still think it's far too badass not to share!

Launch Stream Broadcast

Rounding up our launch celebrations - as has become custom, Gary ventured onto the Steam store page accompanied with a couple of the developers to talk shop about the game, as well as play through an early portion it!

The show was fantastic, with giveaways, laughs, interviews from witnesses on the Dormont streets and... eventually some less than ideal guest appearances....

Those Who Remain Stream

If you missed it live then fear not - It should still be running on the store page as we speak! And of course it's locked and loaded ready to go out on YouTube next week to view at your own leisure!

That isn't the end of all of our Those Who Remain coverage - post launch there is going to be a series of Dev Blogs and the finale of the ARG campaign in the games Discord! So keep those neon blue eyes peeled!

Those Who Remain Console Patches

As with any game launch, there's gonna be the occasional bug.
The day after launch there was a Ps4 patch featuring a couple of fixes and performance increases for the Pro.

There was also due to be an early patch for the Xbox to combat some performance issues - however this wasn't able to get in before launch - and will be updated in the coming days.

We'll provide full notes for both these as they come in!

Competition Updates!

Our competition for the super powerful RTXon 2080 card is OVER!
The winner will be revealed first thing Monday morning - so good luck to all that entered!

That doesn't mean we don't still have some amazing opportunities to win prizes on the go though!

Our Birthday celebration of a Ps4 Pro and 5 of our games is still marching on with 26 days left at time of posting until entries close!

Haven't entered yet? There is still time! Just follow this handy link!

PlayStation 4 Pro competition

What's that? Not enough? Okay then well how about this?

One of the super cool features of Those Who Remain is the integration of ASUS Aura Sync! allowing the ambient neon drenched lighting of the game to really come out of compatible hardware!

We loved it so much we figured we'd put some of that hardware out as a competition as well as some copies of the game to win! 

There's still 29 days on this one to really get your entries sorted! Which you can do by following this wonderful link!

Those Who Remain Asus Competition


And of course no week would be complete without taking another look into The Falconeer and sharing some more incredible in game shots from the photo mode - which just keeps getting better and better!

There is going to be some pretty awesome updates coming soon exploring the world of The Falconeer and the Ursee...
We'd advise you all to keep your eyes trained on it's socials and wishlist to catch all the blogs and beauty coming your way!

The Falconeer on Steam 
The Falconeer on Discord
The Falconeer Twitter

Well that about does it for This Week at Wired. Plenty to sink your teeth into - some awesome competitions- and we are only just getting started!

Until next time - stay safe #GetWIRED

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