This Week at Wired 28/06/2020

June 28, 2020

This Week at Wired 28/06/2020

This Week at Wired - we were a little less lonely together.

Avicii Invector Encore Edition Dated

On Thursday we announced that the highly acclaimed music rhythm game Avicii Invector finally had a release date for the Nintendo Switch! 
Coming September 8th in the form of the 'Encore Edition' which features an additional 10 new tracks as well as some new worlds to soar through along to the best Avicii playlist on the internet!

There is also going to be a free demo to download from the e-shop in August!

If you missed the announcement you can catch it here in our brand new trailer :

And for those of you who already own Invector on other platforms - fear not! The additional songs are coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Pc on the exact same day as DLC packs for you to update your libraries and chase high scores on the following new tracks :

Tim Song Pack

Bad Reputation
Heart upon my sleeve
Peace of mind

Magma Song Pack
Addicted to you
My Feelings For You
Seek Bromance

Invector Steam Patch

On the subject of Invector, those of you who play on Steam may have noticed a small update this week! 
It contained a hotfix that should stop an infrequent bug where the notes on the highway would occasionally start of with a pink hue (it looked awesome, but things should be less confusing for you now!)

Close To The Sun Achievements 

On the subject of Steam updates, after thorough testing and troubleshooting. two achievements that were failing to trigger for folks on Steam have been disabled in order to allow full achievement completion.


Flawless Survivor and Faster than electricity are no longer necessary to achieve 100% completion for the game on Steam - should this change in future we will let you know! Until then - happy hunting on board the Helios!

The Steam Summer Sale!

It's that time again - where you add to you growing backlog of Steam games you haven't had a chance to play yet in the face of fantastic savings!

You can make some fantastic savings on many of our titles - such as :

25% off Close To The Sun
25% off Avicii Invector
15% off Fractured Minds
30% off Deliver us The Moon
75% off GRIP
85% off The Town Of Light
80% off Super Dungeon Bros
As well as a host of DLC packs and soundtracks at a reduced rate!

You can catch our home Steam page right here!

Those Who Remain Comic Teaser

We got a little sneak peak at the upcoming comic 'Lights out' that is included with the Deluxe physical release of Those Who Remain on PlayStation 4! 

Launching on July 10th in the EU/UK and July 17th in the US - the Deluxe edition comes with :-

- A physical copy of the game
- Digital download of the 'lights out' comic.
- Physical 'Postcards from Dormont' to show everyone about your trip!

You can find a list of retailers for all regions at the bottom of the Those Who Remain website by clicking here!

ASUS Competition!

Our Asus competition is drawing to an end - with just under 2 days remaining to win a sweet Asus keyboard and mouse with Asus Sync enabled in order to maximise your full on spook potential of Those Who Remain!

There are 5 copies of the game up for grabs as runners up! So if you haven't got your entries in yet - now is the time to click this link! 

Tik Tok - it's the sound of Wired!

We spread our falcon wings across the internet this week - rearing our heads in some unexpected places! 
We are no strangers to putting our incredible titles in front of people an way we can imagine - but there are 4 more locations you can catch the latest Wired news from!

We've been breaking down our amazing new trailers (such as The Falconeer) on Imgur!

Wired on Imgur

Keeping all the steam communities from all our games updated in one handy hub!

Wired Steam Community

Trying to convince Gary to Fortnite dance on TikTok

Wired on TikTok  

And keeping literally every single one of our updates (including this one!) centralised on the new shiny Wired Subreddit!

Wired on Reddit

Phew! That was a lot!
And plenty more on the way in the upcoming week!

Stay safe. #getWIRED

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