This Week At Wired - 26/07/2020

July 26, 2020

This Week at Wired 26/07/20

This Week at Wired - We brought falcons to the next generation

Greetings Wired fans and welcome to another roundup of everything Wired! It's been a pretty exciting week - with next gen announcements, awards, birthdays and previews aplenty.

But enough talk, have at you! We have lots to cover.

The Falconeer soars onto Xbox Series X

Probably the biggest hype point for the week was brought in on the back of the Xbox Games Showcase, where it was revealed that not only was The Falconeer coming to Xbox Series X - but it was launching DAY ONE alongside the console!

To celebrate this fact a brand new trailer was shown during the pre-show which you can catch in all of its 4K glory right here!

Xbox Series X owners will be able to look forward to :

  • Crisp 4k resolution to swoon over the gorgeous art style 
  • 60 FPS for smooth aerial combat.
  • Smart Delivery Support so you can take these warbirds with you across Xbox generations.

  • Of course those of you looking to explore the Ursee on PC won't be left waiting, as The Falconeer soars onto Steam the exact same day! 

    Day One Edition

    If you are particularly eagle eyed you may have spotted the fact that there is going to be a 'Day One Edition' physical release as a way to thank all of the early birds!

    • A copy of the Falconeer playable on Xbox One AND Series X 
    • Digital soundtrack featuring the featuring original music from award-winning composer Benedict Nichols, and Mikee W Goodman, of experimental tech metal pioneers, SikTh.
    • Digital Game Guide to enhance your knowledge of the Ursee and the factions within it.
    • A lenticular card featuring one of the fearsome warbirds.
    • A sticker sheet to leave your mark wherever you desire.
    • And reversible cover art for those of you that prefer a more minimal approach to artwork.

    Pre-orders are available right now >  Falconeer Day One Edition

    Tomas Sala wins an award!

    Wrapping up our Falconeer news for the week, the incredible one man development powerhouse that is Tomas Sala received the 'Best Dutch Games Industry Ambassador' Award in the Game Bakery Awards 2020!


    We are already incredibly proud of Tomas! Heck, he's developing a next generation launch title single handed!
    But seeing him receive recognition from others for his contributions to the development scene just makes us feel extra proud - and is wholly deserved.

    Well done Tomas!

    You’ll want to keep an eagle eye on the socials for The Falconeer, and don’t forget to add it to your wishlist if Steam is where you'll be flying from :-

    The Falconeer on Steam 
    The Falconeer on Twitter
    The Falconeer Facebook 
    The Falconeer DIscord

    Avicii Invector Encore Edition gets one beat closer!

    September 8th is approaching fast, and the first wave of previews regarding the Nintendo Switch release have started to make their appearance!

    Here's a couple of the headline impressions from those that have got their hands on the game already - but you can read their thoughts in full over in our preview roundup by clicking right here!

    "AVICII Invector Encore Edition should definitely be on every Switch owners’ watch list"

    "... it definitely makes it feel like more of a celebration of AVICII. Having not heard some of the songs before, it gave me a much bigger appreciation for his work..."

    "AVICII Invector Encore Edition is all about the music at the end of the day though and AVICII is a fantastic choice for a rhythm game."

    We also released a video showing 5 things you need to know about Encore Edition Which you can catch right here!

    You can read more about Avicii Invector Encore Edition and get pre-order directions by clicking here! 

    Rounding up the Avicii news for the week - we also have the new official Invector discord up and running - it's a place for you to share not only your high scores and questions with a wider Invector community, but your memories, anecdotes and love of Avicii and his music!

    Come join us by following this handy link :- Avicii Discord ◢◤

    GRIP new car preview

    Ahhhh GRIP - the smell of burning rubber, missile smoke and chaingun grease, there really is nothing like it!

    The developers have been teasing the reveal of a new track and car release for PC owners for a little while - and this week we got another glimpse at the Vintek Marengo.

    Looks pretty awesome if you ask us! 

    We'll have more information on the upcoming update for you soon - in the meantime start thinking about all the wild and wonderful paint schemes that you will create (Though please no more pink and lime green Gary)

    Gary levels up!

    If you've every caught any of our streams, joined any of our Discords, or interacted with any of our social platforms you will likely have had an interaction with this fine long haired specimen!

    We love a good birthday here at Wired, and this week our community and social wrangler Gary found himself levelling up to a respectable 33!

    In order to mark the occasion, we decided to see how Gary (A long suffering Newcastle fan and devout Geordie) would look in a Sunderland shirt!

    We think the red stripes really suit him - he thinks so too (probably? he hasn't spoke to us since - he must be super busy preparing the next wave of awesome Wired streams and social content)

    Jokes and banter aside, we had a super 'Gary themed' remote working lunch time quiz, had some QUALITY photo-shops, and hope he had an amazing birthday!

    Phew! That was quite a lot to take in, but you did it! 
    Pat yourself on the back, get hydrated and get the weekend wrapped up with a solid gaming session.

    We'll be back same time next week!

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