This Week at Wired - 23-08-2020

August 23, 2020

This Week at Wired - 23-08-2020

This Week at Wired - We took a trip to The Lake and sent an S.O.S

Hello again Wired fans, it's been a VERY busy week over at Wired HQ - so let's get to it!

We sent out an S.O.S

The Avicii Invector demo is taking the Switch world by storm - with more and more people discovering that the handheld console is the perfect place to experience the Neon scorechasing bliss of Invector on the go!

This week we decided to let slip a little secret button combination that you can enter on the main menu - which unlocks one of the upcoming new tracks to Encore Edition for you to try out - S.O.S!

We also ran a competition this week for folks to submit their highest scores on Twitter in order to win a copy of the game on launch!

We'll be doing this again next week - so if you haven't already you really ought to go get the demo downloaded right now and get practicing!

Avicii Invector Encore Edition Demo

We introduced the world to Martha

Last year we teased the existence of 'Martha Is Dead' - a dark psychological horror from LKA - developers of The Town Of Light.
And this week we revealed a brand new trailer - announcing that the game is coming to Xbox Series X and PC!

If you haven't watched it yet you REALLY should - though be warned - it is not for the faint of heart, and contains some disturbing scenes not suitable for children.

Pretty intense stuff!!

Martha Is Dead is scheduled for 2021 - so you should get yourself over to the Steam Page right now and get it on your wish list to stay up to date with development!

Martha Is Dead Steam Page

Delivering the Moon Physically

Earlier in the month we announced the Deliver Us The Moon Deluxe Edition - which not only delivers a physical copy of the game, but a digital download of the AMAZING artbook and soundtrack.

The team at KeokeN had their batches turn up and saw fit to strike a pose with team mascot Pingy!
It's been wonderful seeing fans worldwide collecting their copies from stores and sharing in the excitement with us - If you haven't booked your trip to the stars yet, there's never been a better time! 

The Deluxe Edition is now available to order for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC :

Deliver Us The Moon Deluxe Ps4
Deliver Us The Moon Deluxe Xbox
Deliver Us The Moon Deluxe PC

World Photograph Day

It was World Photography day this week! 

We are HUGE admirers of those with a keen eye and a knack for creating fantastic virtual photo shoots out of our games - and decided to spend the day celebrating and showcasing some of the breathtaking images created from our titles.

We'll link the individual games twitter threads here so you can see them in all their glory, and check out the fantastic artists that created them!

Deliver Us The Moon Thread
Close To The Sun Thread
The Falconeer Thread

The Wired Summer of Keys


Our summer giveaway of indie games is nearing its end - with one week remaining until it closes! If you want a chance to win some of our awesome indie games then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Click right here and get yourself entered!

Okay that should just about do it! Another week of indie awesome, and a new month of the horizon which promises something rather special....

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Until next time!