This Week At Wired 22-11-2020

November 22, 2020

This Week At Wired 22-11-2020

This Week at Wired - Birthdays, Recruitment And Great Ursee Upgrades

Hello again Wired fans, and welcome to another recap of all the goings on in the wide world of Wired!

The focus of this week has very much been on our fine feathered friends as The Falconeer continues to soar into the hearts of people worldwide - but there's been more birthdays, competitions and wholesome viral events to celebrate along the way! Let's dive in!

A Double Birthday Celebration!

On Friday we celebrated the real life level ups of Kevin Leathers (Senior Producer) and Sam clay, who recently joined our production team this year! 

Once again the office donuts and mandatory karaoke were swapped out for a socially distant online call - but we'll be sure to bank those performances for when we are all together again!

Happy birthday fellas!

A Chain Reaction Of Gaming Positivity

As part of The Falconeer launch, you may have seen our incredible competition which offered a Series X as a prize!

Whilst all of our random winner competitions leave us wishing we could award EVERYONE the goodies, in this instance we could not have wished for a more fitting outcome.

The winner of the competition surprised Chase, their child with the next-gen console as an early Xmas present, and their reaction was truly something spectacular.

The complete overwhelming joy in their reaction caught the attention of gamers, press and developers worldwide - with people offering to chip in and off to purchase games and gamepass for Chase on top of their winnings.

However Chase has Cerebral Palsy, and his mother instead deferred any additional offerings to the fantastic charity work of Special Effect, who work to provide devices and awareness that push forward a more inclusive gaming experience for everybody - devices which have enabled Chase to enjoy gaming in a way that otherwise may not have been possible.

This incredibly wholesome request resulted in donations and further awareness of Special Effect, and went viral, capturing the hearts of people all over the world - and we are beyond happy to have been a chain of such positivity.

You can read a fantastic write up of the heartwarming chain of events by clicking right here!

A Competition That Sounds As Good As It Looks

Speaking of competitions, we've been rolling them out thick and fast as part of our Falconeer celebrations - and this week teamed up with Turtle Beach to offer a spectacular competition for one lucky winner and several runners up!

The grand winner will receive :

  • A Day One Edition of The Falconeer 
  • A Stealth 700 Premium Headset

With five runners up receiving a digital copy of The Falconeer and a Stealth 600 gaming headset!

You can enter this awesome competition by clicking right here! Good luck!

The Great Ursee gets Upgrades

Both PC and Xbox players received some updates this week in the first batch of Patches for The Falconeer, with UI changes, localisation improvements - economy balancing and general gameplay improvements abound for a much smoother Ursee experience!

You can catch the most recent patch notes for both versions of the game here - if you haven'[t done so, go get those updates and get back to unravelling the mystery of the Great Ursee!

A Unique Trip Through The Ursee

This week saw our us start a Let's Play of The Falconeer, sharing our very own playthrough of the game from start to finish!

We were joined by Commander Ivy, our favourite streamer on the citadel - who spent 5 days straight with us on Twitch showcasing the combat and exploration of The Falconeer with the world!

We're uploading the entire series up on Youtube for those who missed it live to catch up! and you can catch the very first episode right here!

Keep an eye for the final  two episodes as they arrive next week - and if you aren't already - follow us on Twitch for more streaming adventures by clicking right here! 

You can catch up with all of the adventures of Commander Ivy by checking out her Twitch channel right here

Join The Wired Team! 

Rounding up the news for this week - we put out a battle cry for two new gaming maestros to join the Wired team!

We have some VERY EXCITING games coming in 2021, and as such are expanding the team to come and help us deliver them to the world!

We are looking for :

An awesome Product Manager 

Current games industry XP is vital
You'll be working on our super secret 2021 lineup
Based in Watford UK
You'll get awesome bonus perks, such as KFC Fridays and much more!

A Charismatic Community Manager 

We are looking to expand our community team and deliver even more incredible content across the social world - If you live on Twitch, hang in Discord and love to tweet, this is for you! Based in Watford UK, you'll spend most of your time on camera and help lead our community program as we take things to the next level!

To get more info on these roles and apply - please hit the link below!

Work At Wired!

Well we are just about out of time here!
As 2020 rolls to a close it's kind of incredible looking back over the series of posts here - with so many games launched, so many people celebrated, and so much hard work from everybody over what has been an incredibly testing year for people all over the world.

But the most exciting thing of all? We aren't quite done yet... keep your eyes peeled for some incredible announcements sooner than you'd think...

Stay safe - stay Wired, and keep an eye on those socials!

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