This Week At Wired 21/06/2020

June 21, 2020

This Week At Wired 21/06/2020

This Week at Wired, the new Falconeer trailer landed.

The Falconeer gets a new story trailer

We brought #FalconeerFriday with a BANG this week in the form of a brand new story trailer for the Falconeer, featured during IGN's incredible #IGNSummerofGaming live event!

Just on the off chance you missed it live and haven't seen ANY of our socials over the weekend - you can catch it right here!

A fresh new look for our majestic bird

If that wasn't enough - we also unveiled the fantastic new artwork for the game, the result of many hours of love, sweat, tears and WAY MORE REFERENCE PICTURES OF BIRDS OF PREY THAN ANYONE WHO ISN'T A KEEN BIRDSPOTTER HAS EVER SEEN.

We absolutely adore it  - we think you'll enjoy it just as much!

We are SO excited for The Falconeer, if you are too - be sure to add the game to your wish-list and keep an eye on all of their socials for more news!

The Falconeer on Steam 
The Falconeer on Discord
The Falconeer Twitter

Shining a little more light on the shadows...

Of course it wasn't all soaring birds and lasers in the Wired-verse this week - the amazing devs behind Those Who Remain took a little time out of their busy schedule to give a background Dev Blog on the town of Dormont, and the shape of the world before the shadows took hold.

You can catch the blog itself over on the steam community page!

Those Who Remain Dormont Devblog

Dormont Deluxe!

And that isn't the only news to come out of Dormont this week! We confirmed the release date for the PlayStation 4 'Deluxe' release of Those Who Remain, which along with the expected fantastic 'New disc smell' comes with an incredible digital download of the prequel comic 'Lights Out' and  some sweet physical postcards featuring some of Dormonts most recognisable locations - the perfect gift for the person who has everything from the gift shop!

The Deluxe edition will be available from many retailers - but you can find a list of all our pre-order partners for the EU and US at the bottom of the games homepage!

Those Who Remain Homepage

The EU / UK release is currently set for the 10th of July with the US release following a week later on the 17th.

The final (giveaway) countdown!

This time next week we'll know who the lucky recipient of our awesome Ps4 pro giveaway is! 

Right now there are 5 days remaining to get your entries in - so if you want to make sure you have a chance at a shiny new console and a handful of our greatest loved indie titles to play on it - your time is running out!

Ps4 Giveaway

And with that - This Week at Wired is all wrapped up - plenty to explore and sink your beak into!

Until next time - stay safe #GetWIRED

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