This Week at Wired - 16/08/20

August 16, 2020

This Week At Wired

This Week at Wired - We rocked the e-shop.

Hello again Wired fans, another week of Wired antics - another update of indie goodness for you all! Lets get started!

The Avicii Invector Encore Edition Demo raved onto Switch!

Towards the end of the week we unleashed the neon fuelled grooves of Avicii Invector onto the e-shop, and the feedback from all of you who have given it a spin has been nothing short of GLOWING!

Just in case you missed the news, here's a little teaser trailer for you!

Pretty awesome right? 

The demo contains one world and two tracks to soar through in order to get a feel for how the game handles on Switch! 

  • Pure Grinding
  • The Nights - Avicii by Avicii Remix

You can download the Demo now by searching for AVICII in the Nintendo eShop from 9am local time, or can pre-order the full game via the Nintendo website. 

Fans can also celebrate Tim’s music and share memories via the brand-new official Discord >

Alternatively if you don't have your Switch handy right now and want to see how it looks for yourself, we put out a show of the two new tracks from the demo - live from our Community Managers very warm office! You can catch the live-show here!

Avicii Switch-Lite Competitions.

Two of our incredible Switch Lite competitions have already finished and rode off into the Sunset Jesus!

Don't panic though - there are still two ongoing chances to enter and win a custom Avicii Switch Lite of your very own!

Our friends at have one going for the next 35 hours (so move fast!) which can be found by clicking here

And the wonderful Limited Run games are running a comp for the next 23 days - which can be found by clicking here 

There is of course the 5th console which we are not talking about yet - but information on that should be with you soon

The Falconeer does Europlay!

Europlay is the new exciting competition - put together by UKIE and Dead Good PR, and is touted as 'The Eurovision of Gaming'

Sounds awesome right?  15 games from 15 countries will battle it out to be crowned the first ever Europlay champion - and The Falconeer has been chosen to represent the Netherlands!

​Taking place on Friday 28 August during gamescom and hosted by Mr Midas, EuroPlay will show the best unreleased games from across Europe in a live showcase on Twitch in a Eurovision-style contest which you can register to watch now for free by clicking right here 

So get yourself registered, mark the 28th in your diaries and pull out those miniature flags and get ready for a spectacle unlike any other in the video game world!

Delivering the Moon, Deluxe Style!

The digital Deluxe edition of Deliver Us The Moon has entered the retail stratosphere!

Each Deluxe edition comes with :

  • A copy of Deliver Us The Moon,
  • A digital download of the stunning, curated digital artbook
  • A digital download of the pulse-racing and literally atmospheric digital soundtrack, composed by Sander Van Zanten!

You can find the Deluxe edition now on all good retail sites, or visit our store to secure your mission spot on the platform of your choice :-

PC : Click here!
PlayStation 4 : Click here!
Xbox One : Click Here!

On September 15th the Deluxe edition will also be available to download on PC and PlayStation 4.

The Wired Summer of Keys!

Our summer giveaway of indie game awesome continues! With just under two weeks remaining - there are four incredible indie games up for grabs that you definitely don't want to sleep on!

Click right here and get yourself entered!

Alright, alright, alright - that's about enough from us for today - go get your competitions entered, grab yourself a little lunar luxury and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

We'll be back next week for another round of indie game loving, but until then - check out all of our awesome socials to catch these updates as they happen!

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Until next time!