This Week at Wired 11-10-20

October 11, 2020

This Week At Wired

This Week At Wired - The Falconeer Beta Soared

Hello again Wired family, in the blink of an eye another week has passed, and this one was filled with more hype than you can shake a stick at! Let's jump in!

Celebrating Avicci Invector

One month ago we released Avicii Invector on Nintendo Switch and brought the Encore Edition to the world! Increasing the number of songs in the game and adding a brand new world.

We've kept the party going by releasing a brand new accolades trailer to celebrate the love shown from reviews all over the world!

We are utterly in awe at the reaction to Avicii Invector from critics and fans alike, and thank you all for joining us in adding another branch onto Tims legacy.

You can purchase Avicii Invector today from the following locations :

Nintendo Switch




A stylish charity auction

Just after release we set a charity raffle to win a custom Avicii themed Switch Lite - with all proceeds going to Safe In Our World.
We love using our voice to raise money for incredible causes - and we're doing it again!

Our new trailer featured designer Alice Vandy sporting an Avicii inspired jacket of her own design - and she has very generously offered to include it in a charity auction we are doing in order to raise money for Special Effect - a charity based around bringing inclusion to those with physical disabilities via the form of video games!

Because life's a game made for everyone - and love is the prize!

The auction winner will receive :

  • The designer jacket show in the trailer
  • A Nintendo Switch
  • A copy of Avicii Invector Encore Edition

All proceeds raised from the auction will be going direct to Special Effect, a charity who strive to bring inclusion back into the lives of those with physical disabilities by helping them play video games!

You can learn more about Special Effect by checking out their website here : Special Effect Website

And find the charity auction itself by clicking here : Ebay Charity Auction

The Falconeer Beta Soars

This week we opened The Falconeer to beta testers on Steam!
The feedback has been nothing short of staggering - from streamers and content creators sharing their wonder of exploring the Ursee, to the many updates Tomas has performed to fine tune those birds to a polished sheen!

The beta itself will be finishing on the late hours of Sunday the 11th - so if you have a key and haven't took a trip to the Ursee yet - time is running out!

We're asking all beta applicants to submit beta feedback via a form so we can make sure nothing has been missed in our quest to deliver the highest quality Falconeering action possible! 
And those who take the time to do so will find their names added to the special thanks section of the credits of the pc version of the game - our little way of saying thank you for being a pioneer!

You can find the form right here : Beta feedback form 

Next gen numbers 

We kind of blew up Twitter this week when we shared the cold hard numbers of what Xbox owners can expect this November 10th when they take to the skies (And just to clarify, 1800p is not a typo!!) 

The launch of a new generation is always exciting, and being there day one with The Falconeer to showcase just how well these birds can fly has us JUST as excited as you - but nobody moreso than developer Tomas Sala, who has spent this week guest appearing on numerous shows and interviews and discussing some of the magic of building the Ursee, as well as his appreciation of the Xbox Series S

For a solid read on using Unity in conjunction with Next Gen tech - you should check out this awesome Unity blog interview right here : Unity interview with Tomas

He also soared by the Major Nelson podcast this week to talk all things Xbox!

Exciting stuff!

We've been streaming each weekday on Steam as part of the Steam Autumn Festival!

We'll be continuing to do these until the end of the festival on Tuesday with Tomas joining us, before returning to our home on Wired Live Twitch! 

Be sure to swing by the Steam page and get the game on your wishlist, and follow us on Twitch to catch future streams!

Phew! That was a lot to cover - and would you believe we are only JUST getting started?


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