This Week at Wired - 09/08/20

August 09, 2020

This week at Wired 09-08-20

This Week at Wired - We cranked the volume up.

Happy Sunday Wired fans! 
Another week in the bag, another wave of awesome indie news to wash over you - and if the neon worlds of Avicii Invector and the soothing winds of The Falconeer get you hyped then you're going to find a lot to love this week - so let's get started!

Avicii Invector Previews 

The release of Avicii Invector on Nintendo Switch approaching fast - and we've been keeping on top of the previews as they make their way online!

If you didn't make it out to Boston this year to give it a trial during PAX East, you can read up on how the Switch version is shaping up right here in our preview roundup! 

Avicii Previews

Avicii Invector Discord Is live

We got together with Discord to provide an online home for everything Avicii!

If you are looking for a place to keep up to date with all Avicii Invector updates, somewhere to share your scores and throw down the gauntlet - as well as a place to get together with other Avicii Superfans and talk about everything, from concerts and shows, to memories and creations based on Tims legacy - then you can join us by checking the community lists for 

Or by clicking right here! 

Avicii Competition roundup 

Last week we announced the extra special Avicii custom Nintendo Switch lite.

All of our competition partners that are dishing them out have gone live - and you can find the comprehensive list of all four and get maximum entry chance by clicking right here!

ait, four? But the image says five!"

You are correct! The fifth one something a little special that we will be talking about later on in the month - so for now make sure you haven't missed any of the above and cross those fingers!

Limited Run Partners with Wired 

You've heard of Limited Run right? 
Super distributors of awesome and hard to find physical releases?

Well we've done the fusion dance and joined forces to get some of our incredible indie releases distributed by them (Including the AWESOME Deliver Us The Moon Collectors edition pictured above)

What are they selling? Well they've got some rare things on sale stranger! Including :-

  • Deliver Us The Moon (PS4, ESRB, Standard & CE)
  • Vostok Inc (Switch, PEGI - Sold out!)
  • Close To The Sun Collectors Edition (Sold out!)

And upcoming physical releases of :

  • Avicii Invector Encore Edition
  • The Faconeer
  • Those Who Remain

Pretty awesome right? You can catch our releases over on the Limited run store by clicking right here!

Falconeer Friday 

It wouldn't be right to go a week without sharing the fantastic visual splendour of The Falconeer.

Still looking awesome? Yup!

Just in case you haven't heard about The Falconeer by this point - it's an incredible open world rpg focussed on aerial combat and exploration in a giant flooded place known as the Ursee - It's coming to Steam and Xbox Series X later this year and it is pretty incredible - so you should probably jump on these social links and get up to speed!

The Falconeer on Steam 
The Falconeer on Discord
The Falconeer Twitter

The Wired Summer Of Keys

We're a generous lot over at Wired, and we love giving you all the opportunity to play our awesome indie games for free whenever we can!

So what if we told you that we had 5 keys each for 4 of our games and we were currently running a competition til the end of the month that you could win?

That would be pretty awesome - and lucky for you - it's true!

Click right here and get yourself entered!

Phew! That was a lot to cover!
If you've managed to keep up til this point then congratulations! As a reward we'll tell you to prepare for something very exciting next week - and maybe to keep your eyes peeled on our Youtube channel.

But don't tell anyone else - okay?

Check out all of our awesome socials to catch these updates as they happen!

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Until next time!