This Week At Wired 06-09-2020

September 06, 2020

This Week At Wired

This week at Wired - We became early birds.

Hello again Wired fans and welcome to another edition of This Week at Wired!
August came and went in a blaze of heatwaves and giveaways and as we move into Fall we have plenty to be excited about - let's dive right in!

The early (access) bird gets the Ursee!

This week we announced that our upcoming aerial combat extravaganza - The Falconeer - is getting a closed Beta!
Starting in October, we'll be opening up the Ursee for a group of randomly selected eager pioneers to get an early taste of what to expect when the game launches this November!

Interested? YOU SHOULD BE! 

In order to register interest and get your applications in - get yourself over to The Falconeer discord today and sign up!

The Falconeer Discord

A sneak peak at the custom Avicii Switch

In celebration of the upcoming release of Avicii Invector Encore Edition we created 5 super rare Switch Lites, in a hand painted white colour scheme and adorned with beautiful gold Avicii livery!

Whilst 4 of these went out to competition partners - we have one that's being saved for something a bit special (more on that soon!) 

In the meantime - cast your eyes over this little teaser!

Limited Run Competition is ending!

Speaking of those competitions, our friends at Limited Run are hosting the last of the current Switch giveaways, there isn't long left on it - so get yourself entered if you haven't already by clicking right here

Easier access to The Ursee and Dormant via Limited Run!

Stumbling into our news round for the second time this week - Limited Run announced that they are going to be distributing both the Ps4 Deluxe Edition of our psychological horror - Those Who Remain, and the Day One Edition of The Falconeer for Xbox One and Series X!

Those of you in the US that have been eager to get these physical delights without the import tax should keep an eye on the Limited Run store next week when listings go live!

Limited Run Store

Right! That should do it for this week! Go get your competition entries in and sign up for that Falconeer Beta - and prepare for something pretty special to kick off in that discord next week!

We've got a long week of Avicii celebration coming up - and we can't wait!

Get yourself prepared and keep an eye on our socials to catch updates as they happen!

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Until next time!