This Week at Wired 05/07/2020

July 05, 2020

This Week at Wired 05 July

This Week at Wired - We expanded our roster.

A new challenger approaches

This week saw the Wired Productions character select screen gain an extra square in the form of Gareth Williams, who has joined the team as Head of Publishing! 

Additionally we saw a well deserved promotion for Neil Broadhead, who is now sporting the Head of Marketing title! 

We are extremely excited to have the experience and knowledge of Gareth on the team, and for Neil to carry on exemplifying the work ethic and values of Wired that make him the fantastic team member that he is.

Best of luck to both of these fine folks in their new roles!

A photoshop speaks a thousand words

Of course no addition to the team is complete without us handing their staff picture over to the internet and dangling free game keys in return for amusing edits.

We gave you the handsome face of Gareth and asked you to do your best and oh WOW did you deliver - from thematically appropriate football shops (yes Gareth is a Liverpool fan - no he hasn't stopped talking about it for the past week) 

To placing him in a toasty variety of Wired games (and one or two other well known references!)

And of course no shop competition would be complete with the occasional classic film reference.
Word has it that he mostly comes at night. Mostly.

The entire team had such a good time going over your entries - so once again thank you to all entries! Hope you enjoy the game keys!

Deliver Us The Moon console patch

Deliver Us The Moon saw an update for PlayStation 4 and Xbox this week! 

The full patch notes are as follows :-

  • Fixed menu not responding on Asian languages (PS4)
  • Fixed airlock blocker on Reinhold during final section
  • Fixed Moon Elevator briefly shown while loading Copernicus Outpost.

Get the latest mission update and carry on with your mission if you haven't already delivered a moon or two!

Those Who Remain Comic tease

The Deluxe edition of Those Who Remain is menacingly making its way towards us! 
Because the wait is getting harder by the day, the wonderful devs over at Camel 101 saw fit to slip us another sneak peak at the comic that is being released alongside it!

The Deluxe edition of Those Who Remain is launching for PlayStation 4 on July 10th in the UK and EU - with the US seeing a release on July 17th!

It includes a physical copy of the game, a digital download of the comic featured above titled 'Lights Out' and some nifty postcards direct from Dormont itself!

You can get your pre-orders in at any of our partnered e-tailer friends!
A list of which can be found over at the bottom of the games official website by clicking right here!  

Back once again with the Steam Sale! 

The Steam Summer Sale is still in fine flow, and whilst we know that you probably have a few more new titles on your backlog than you could shake a stick at - it would be rude not to let you know about the awesome savings currently on offer Wired titles!

25% off Close To The Sun
25% off Avicii Invector
15% off Fractured Minds
30% off Deliver us The Moon
75% off GRIP
85% off The Town Of Light
80% off Super Dungeon Bros
As well as a host of DLC packs and soundtracks at a reduced rate!

You can catch our home Steam page right here!

Limited Edition Vostok Competition

Have you heard of Vostok? For some the name alone has probably just made your thumbs involuntarily twitch - for others? let us enlighten you....

Vostok is the frighteningly addictive space capitalist clicker which fuses amazing twin stick shooter gameplay, planet management, mini games, a fantastic soundtrack and the sharpest writing this side of the solar system!

Well we made a super rare - limited number - physical edition for the Nintendo Switch, featuring individually numbered Moolah notes, stickers, a kickass cover and more!

Right now the official Vostok Twitter channel is giving away one of these fantastic rarities for FREE as part of a competition, a must have for any budding Switch collector - the competition can be found by clicking RIGHT HERE!

Falconeer Friday

And of course no week would be complete without taking a look at the wonderful world of the Falconeer!

This game is just MADE for creating screenshots, we genuinely can't wait to get it into your hands and see all the incredible pictures that you'll take using the in game photo mode! 

For more updates and to keep track of The Falconeer, direct yourself to the following locations :-

The Falconeer on Steam 
The Falconeer on Discord
The Falconeer Twitter

Wow! - another week done, another batch of awesome WIRED updates, we hope you all are ready for a fantastic Summer of Gaming - and wherever you are in the world - stay safe, and #GETWIRED

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