This Week at Wired 04-10-2020

October 04, 2020

This Week At Wired


Oops, sorry - hello again Wired fans! 
We've made it to the most spooktacular time of the year - where darkness falls and shadows grow darker, camouflaging unspoken horrors within...

We have some pretty special plans for this frightening fall, but we aren't quite ready to reveal them...yet.

For now we keep our focus planted firmly on the skies - where a multitude of incredible Falconeer updates are soaring across the internet.

Guess we should get started!

The Free & The Fallen

We've created a brand new trailer for The Falconeer!

Whilst we are proud of all of our trailers (seriously, ask us to pick our favourite - we can't it's like choosing your favourite kid!) This one is pretty darn special.

- Crisp ultra wide resolution
- Incredible enchantress narration
- Beautiful in game captured footage
- Fascinating tour of the Ursee locations and inhabitants

You don't want to miss this one!


The Falconeer Stream Recap

After that you probably want to see more of the game in action right?
Well earlier this week, solo developer of the game (Still cannot believe he has done all this himself, incredible) Tomas Sala joined us for a live stream - where he helped Gary ACTUALLY SHOOT something with some well placed pointers, and gave a great Q & A session to chat.

Don't worry if you missed it - the stream is right here for your enjoyment!

More previews take to the skies!

As more people get their hands on The Falconeer we are finding ourselves with more previews than we can shake a lightning powered lance at!

We've combined all the current preview coverage into one handy hub for you to get suitably hype about - which you can find by clicking right here!

If this has got you itching to strap on the back of a giant falcon and explore the Ursee - make sure you sign up to the upcoming Beta on the official Discord by clicking right here!

Win a free Xbox Series X 



We've managed to get one of the highly demanded next gen consoles in our talons - and after the inter office paper scissors rock tournament to decide who gets to keep it went to a stalemate (Neil and Gareth always pick rock and they were the last two) we decided that if you have some SCISSORS and you cut out this piece of PAPER and show us something that ROCKS - you might just win a console!

That's right! 

Cut out this fearsome warbird, stick it somewhere creative, share it on Twitter with #TheFalconeer, and come November we'll pick a winner and give them a Series X to play The Falconeer on.

We really are too good to you.

For instructions, T's & C's - and the guide for entry - check this wonderfully crafted tweet by clicking here

Right, a very bird focussed update for you all this week but hey - we work with what we have, which right now is a plethora of Falconeer hype!

Go get creative, and we'll catch you next week!

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