This Week at Wired - 02/08/2020

August 02, 2020

This Week at Wired - 02/08/2020

This Week at Wired - we did the Marengo Tango

Hello again Wired fans and welcome to another update from all around the world of Wired!

We finally get to see the back of July which just might have felt like the longest month of the year so far, but not without squeezing a few more awesome updates and competitions out into the wild! So without further ado - let's get started!

Limited Avicii collectors console announced!

We are just over a month away from Avicii Invector finally making a home for itself on the Switch! To celebrate this (and because we LOVE a good custom console) We've created 5 hand painted Switch-Lites adorned with the beautiful Avicii Invectror logo.

Four of these are going out to some of our favourite gaming and music related communities in order to run competitions, whilst the fifth one we are doing something pretty special with - but we'll talk about that a little bit later!

In the meantime you'll want to keep an eye on our socials in order to see when the competitions pop into existence - did we mention two of them are already running? You'll want to check these links right here to make sure you're up to date on entries!

Because we are considerate though - here are three that are currently active! 

JPSwitchmania Custom Switch Competition
GBATemp Custom Switch Competition
EDM.Com Custom Switch Competition

Additionally the official Invector Discord is now up and running - a hub for fans of the game and Tim's music to come together and share their experiences, appreciation of an iconic artist - and of course get support for any game related questions.

You can find the Discord by clicking this handy link!

Avicii Discord

New GRIP Steam update!

Combat Racing fans over on Steam were treated to a free update this week as the GORGEOUS Vintek Marengo was finally unleashed onto the track, alongside a new environment in the form of an icy asteroid called Jekna 881.

The Marengo is a slick speedster, that is already shaking up the meta when it comes to vehicle selection (though you'll still never catch us in anything outside of a Warlander) And the community is already defying gravity and expectations with their exploration of the new track - we can't wait to see what happens when you master it!

The update also came with an update to an already fantastic playlist from GRIP fan Matt Seagrave, AKA Everlight, AKA Thrill Swollowa - who created new tracks specifically for the game!

You can check out the rest of his musical mastery outside of GRIP in the following locations :-
Instagram: @everlightmusic

Rounding up the GRIP update, are a whole host of improvements, which can be found in the patch notes below :-

  • Added Vintek Marengo speedster class vehicle
  • Added Norvos map Jekna 881
  • Added two new music tracks from Thrill Swollowa
  • Added Dragstrip Carkour track
  • Added menu options for speed streaks and bumper cam vehicle 'ghost'
  • Added some "new" bots ;)
  • Improved AI bot speed control
  • Improved position tracking system
  • Improved end-race cinematic camera support
  • Various other small tweaks and improvements

The Very Positive Indie Sale!

We love a good sale, and we love good indie games! So when the folks over at the Humble Store decide to run an incredible sale focused JUST on Indie titles including some of our own - we were more than a little bit excited!

Right now you can save the following on Wired titles over on the humble store :

  • Grip: Combat Racing 75%
  • Deliver Us the Moon 30%
  • Last Inua 90%
  • Avicii Invector 33%
  • Fractured Minds 17%

The sale ends tomorrow though - so move fast if you want to bag yourself a bargain and click right here

The Wired Summer of Keys!

And last but not least we should draw your attention to another fantastic Wired competition!

We've been throwing out keys every week as part of #freecodefridays which you ABSOLUTELY should be keepign an eye on our socials for (seriously, combined with #falconeerfriday it really is the best day of the week)

But not content with this we decided to jump into the key database when the boss wasn't looking and grab a handful of codes for some of our fan favourites! And run a big old competition that will see 20 people walk away with a shiny new indie game to see out the summer!

Entries are available by following this link to the Wired Summer of Keys Giveaway

Go ahead and get your entries in before the competition closes at the end of the month - but keep this between me and you okay?

Well that wraps up another Week at Wired - look after yourselves, stay hydrated, and check out all of our awesome socials to catch these updates as they happen!

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Until next time!