This Week At Wired 01-11-20

November 01, 2020

This Week At Wired 01-11-20

This Week At Wired - Ghoulish Gourds and a spooktacular bundle.

Hello again Wired fans!

Halloween may be over, but the spirits are restless and there's plenty of blood chilling action to go around in the world of Wired, let's investigate!

Those Who Remain gets a frightful update 

The streets of Dormont can be terrifying at the best of times, but this week saw a new form of terror emerge from the shadows.

Owners of Those Who Remain on Steam have received a FREE update, and local residents have reported seeing frightful lanterns throughout Dormont - though who else knows what may be lurking in the darkness.

Additionally, the prequel comic 'Lights Out' is also available as a free download for a limited time from the Steam store if you own the game - you chose how the story ended, now find out how it all began.

The Wired Horror Bundle IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

We've rounded up all the things that go bump in the night and contained them in the spectacular Wired Horror Bundle! Three fantastic horror games, one frightfully good price!


  • Turn down the lights, and grip your pillow tight as you attempt to survive the night in Those Who Remain.
  • Hold onto your nerves as you uncover tragic history in the decrepit halls of an abandoned asylum in The Town Of Light.
  • Then explore the aftermath of science gone wrong aboard the gargantuan Helios in Close To The Sun.

The Wired Horror Bundle is available for you to buy right now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC....If you dare....

Buy Now On Xbox
Buy now On Playstation 4 

Buy Now On Steam 

The Town Of Light goes on sale for Switch

 The Town of Light is available to download on Nintendo Switch with an incredible 90% discount!

Based on true life events, The Town Of Light takes you through the ruins of the abandoned Volterra asylum in Italy - where you will unravel the mystery and tragedy of Renee, an occupant of the asylum in her youth.

The Town Of Light is an award-winning thriller that tackles difficult discussions, and places a heavy emphasis on mental health care, and the importance of removing the taboo and stigma surrounding it.

As such 10% of all proceeds from the game go directly to video game charity Safe In Our World.

The Town of Light will be priced at € 0.99 / £0.79 /$1.99 until the 12th of November, and is available to download from the eShop here :

The Town of Light on eShop

Well there you have it everyone, plenty to sink your fangs into as we move into November, also for those keeping count - we are NINE days away from The Falconeer launch!

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