The Wired Weekly Update - 25/01/2021

January 25, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 25/01/2021

This Week - Sales, Streams and Surveys

Hello again Wired Family, It's Monday evening and that means it's time for another Wired Weekly Update!

This week we kick off with a couple of Steam sales, start talking about our upcoming Stream Schedule and much more.
There's a lot to digest, so let's get into it!


  • Save BIG on Wired titles
  • Streams Ahoy!
  • A Gripping Mix
  • #WiredChallenge / Picking Up The Gauntlet
  • For Research Purposes

A Very Wired Steam Sale

We love a good sale here at Wired, and we aren't quite content to sit around and wait for a seasonal one!

As such we've decided to lock a trio of some of our favourite Wired games into a sale until early February - feast your eyes on these! 

  •  Avicii Invector - 45% off! - £8.79
  • Avicii Invector Encore Edition (includes all DLC) - 40% off! - £15.59
  • Avicii Invector Tim and Magma DLC packs - 20% off! - £3.99
  • Deliver Us The Moon - 38% off! - £12.39
  • Those Who Remain - 40% off - £9.59

To check out the Avicii sales click right here! (Until Feb 3rd)
For Deliver Us The Moon click right here! (Until Feb 5th)
And for Those Who Remain, click right here! (Until Feb 4th)

Streams Ahoy!

Remember last week when we mentioned that 2021 is the year of the creator, and we had new faces and big plans in the works?

Well this week we set those plans in motion, first of all we'll be introducing one of our brand new team members to you in the form of Tegan! who will be joining Gary over on the Wired Twitch channel this week to meet you all, and playing games with the Wired community!

We'll be sharing the stream schedule each week with you in these Monday updates, with each week having a community focussed fun stream where you either beat us at video games or suggest games for us to check out every Tuesday, followed by a more WIRED focussed stream every Thursday, where we show you cool and exciting things from the world of Wired.

Of course that isn't ALL the plans we have, but the super exciting future is for another update, for now just be sure you're in the Wired Discord to join in on the stream antics and let us know which content YOU would like to see - not joined yet? click this link right here! 

Then make a reminder to join us 8pm GMT every Tuesday and Thursday over at the Wired Productions Twitch Channel.


A Gripping Mix

How do you like your eggs in the morning?

We like ours with a hefty amount of coffee and the finest blend of DnB beats and pulse pounding electronic anthems to really get the blood pumping.

Thankfully, the soundtrack from our combat racing epic - GRIP, is now available in one longform mashup video, 50 minutes of pure adrenaline sure to get you going!

You can check it out below!


Picking up the Gauntlet

Last week we set forth our first #wiredchallenge - and it was a fairly simple one.

We asked the Wired Family to share their spookiest content creator clips with us, the stuff that really got their pulse pounding and maybe dropped a controller or two. 

We received all sorts of submissions from VR antics, to short text based creepypasta shockers, but the one that gave us the biggest smile came from Twitter user and Twitch streamer Crypitk84 getting his spooks on in Those Who Remain, where he was most DEFINITELY not prepared for the shadows of Dormont.

You can catch the winning clip in all its jumpy glory by clicking right here  as well as checking out the rest of the Cryptik content!

Everyone else, thank you for your submissions and prepare for..

Get a GRIP of this!

This weeks #wiredchallenge is aimed at the awesome GRIP community (seems fitting after having the OST bumping all last week!)

We want you to jump into one of our favourite maps - in Garys favourite vehicle, and set the fastest lap time imaginable! 

Here's the rules :

  • Game Mode - Time Trial
  • Pickups - On
  • Engine Power - Normal
  • Vehicle - Warlander Roller
  • Paint scheme  - Pink and Green
  • Map - Impact.

Post your screenshots with your finishing lap time - or your stream clips / recordings as a response to this weeks #TWWU tweet (find it by clicking here) with the hashtag #wiredchallenges and the fastest gamer on 4 wheels will win a Wired game key of choice next Monday.


For Research Purposes

Last week we asked you folks to fill in our content creator form, a research tool designed to help us start planning the 2021 year of content for both ourselves, and to better support the creators out there!

There is no deadline on this - so we shall ask once more for you to take the plunge and give us your input!

Additionally - this week we want to know exactly what it is about collectors editions you enjoy, their content, their price, expectations, shipping, the works.

We're no strangers to a grand CE at Wired (check out the STILL amazing Deliver Us The Moon collectors edition above!) but we want to make them even bigger, even better, and even better value.

 All of your information will help us achieve that goal - so if you have 5 minutes spare, start playing that GRIP soundtrack, click on the two links below, and lend us your brainpower!


Content Creator Form
Purchasing Research Form

Wow, that was a big one! 
You've read our brand new challenge, made a mental note to check out this weeks streams, AND helped us with our research!
Pat yourselves on the back, go get yourself hydrated, and get tonights gaming session underway.

We'll catch you at 8pm GMT tomorrow.

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