The Wired Weekly Update - 22/03/2021

March 22, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 22/03/2021

This Week - A Direct On The Horizon

Hello again Wired family! It's Monday and that means it's time for your weekly dose of all things Wired!

Before we dive in - we're re-tooling our video versions of these updates. We want them to be the best video you see every week and because of that we are putting them on hold until post Direct so we can give them our full attention.
They'll be worth the wait!

And with that out the way, we've got SO MUCH to cover today - so let's get to it!

  • Avicii Steam Patch 
  • Best Campaign Nomination!
  • Wired Direct Countdown
  • #WiredLive Schedule
  • TLDR
  • Sales And Competitions


Avicii Invector Steam Patch

A brand new patch was released on the Steam version of Avicii Invector last week.

It features a list of input and calibration changes that were made in the  recent Stadia version of the game, as well as a reset of the leaderboards in order to combat a few naughty folks who had cheated their way to the top!

Full patch notes are as follows :

  • New Controller remapping
  • New input calibration
  • Input related settings are saved per device so you can have different settings among players when playing multiplayer. (there is always one person wants to invert the y axis ;)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Timing windows adjusted to be more forgiving to compensate for inaccurate input timing on some systems

You can download the patch on Steam right now and get back to score chasing! Updates on all other consoles will be coming soon, we'll let you know when we have a date!

Best Campaign Nomination!

We get to blow our own trumpet a little bit here! We are incredibly proud of The Falconeer (Which if you remember will be in the running for an ACTUAL BAFTA LATER THIS WEEK ON THE 25TH!). But we are equally proud of our marketing campaign for it too!

It turns out that was pretty fond of it too, and has included it in the running for the 'Best PR & Marketing Campaign 2020' award, alongside some equally incredible campaigns such as EverSpace and Fall Guys!

Obviously there have been some incredible PR campaigns over the past year, but it speaks to the creativity and talent of our staff that we are in the running as one of the best! We can't wait for April 15th when the awards take place! 


Wired Direct Countdown

Have you heard of Wired Direct? We may have mentioned it once or twice!

We are now ONE WEEK AWAY from revealing your next favourite indie games to the world and we could not be any more excited!

This is your 7 day reminder that the whole show goes down on March 29th - and we have the livestream page all up and running ready for you all - so go ahead and visit - click the notification bell, and we'll let you know on the day when the party starts - or simply click the reminder in the video link above!


#WiredLive Schedule

Last week saw Tegan taking her first tentative steps into the shadows of Dormont (and disclosing that she's actually terrified of the movie Chicken Run - nah we don't quite get it either)

This week she will continue her journey into the night, before we pull the GRIP gang back together for a smashing good time and some combat racing!

You can catch us on Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm GMT, and can drop a follow in advance RIGHT NOW by clicking this link.


Our new weekly video update of 'TL;DR' explaining all of our games in a handy bitesized format is rolling into the 3rd week now - up next on the docket is Deliver Us The Moon!

It will be going live Friday afternoon, though you can follow that link above and hit a notification reminder for when it goes live and tell Tegan how amazing she is!


Sales and Competitions

We currently have two incredible competitions on the go to celebrate Wired Direct! 

The first comes in the form of a giveaway of one of our gorgeous Deliver Us The moon Collectors Editions!

We'll be announcing a winner for this on the 1st of April - so you still have plenty of time to enter - so do so and Click here you lucky people!

Secondly we are giving away some DLC keys for The Falconeer Hunter DLC! 
This one will be picked on Wednesday, and all you need to do is tag a friend that you'd share that dragon with, and tell us what you would name the fine beast!

You can find the entry thread right here

And for notable sales to bolster your gaming collection at a discount price, we have The Town Of Light Deluxe Edition on Nintendo Switch!

With portions of each sale going to charity, and the inclusion of a fascinating documentary covering the asylums as well as the creation of the game itself - it is a steal at 50% off right now until the 1st of April!

You can pick up TTOL Deluxe for under £4 right now by clicking here 

Okay, that should do it for todays update!

Next week might come out a little bit later in the week, we think there's something incredible happening on Monday 29th that will steal all of your attention, can't quite remember what it is... drop us a reminder in the Twitter post of this update with what you're hoping to see and we might give you something shiny.

We'll see you Monday!

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