The Wired Weekly Update - 22/02/2021

February 22, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 22/02/2021

This Week - Birthdays, Sales and Birds, Oh My!

The Mondays start coming and they don't stop coming - so it's a good job we've got a plethora of cool Wired updates for you isn't it!
This week we saw the bird was once again the word over at EuroGamer, we celebrated a double Wired birthday, and switched (aha) our sales attention to Nintendo!


  • Eurogamer Talks Tomas
  • #Wiredlive Schedule
  • Nintendo Sale
  • Wired Birthdays
  • Community Spotlight

Eurogamer talks Tomas

The Falconeer

It's no secret that Eurogamer are pretty fond of The Falconeer ( They slapped a big old Recommended label on it back in their review in November ) However their appreciation for our #BigAssBird goes beyond the game itself - and into the mind of the man behind the Warbirds, solo developer Tomas Sala.

This week they launched an article talking about the origins of The Falconeer, and how Tomas found himself putting more of himself into his creations than anticipated, as well as looks into past projects and his works in the Skyrim mod community.

It is a FASCINATING read that showcases many of the reasons we love Tomas, and what makes The Falconeer a game quite unlike any other!

You can click right here to go directly to the interview!


#WiredLive Schedule

Wired Live Stream Schedule

Last week Tegan took her first steps into Deliver Us The Moon, and after successfully launching her rocket, managed to also rebuild her very own A.S.E companion!

She'll be continuing on with her starry eyed mission tomorrow at our standard stream time! (If you missed the first episode and want to catch up, you can watch the VoD by clicking right here!)

We've been burning away the competition (okay, actually just crashing a lot) in GRIP for the past couple of Thursdays, so this week we are changing it up and going on a bit of a demon hunt - slaying out Victor Vran style for loot, profit, and a good time!

Hit the links below to get an early follow on our Twitch channel in advance, and our Discord where you can feedback on all our live content!

Wired Twitch
Wired Discord

Nintendo Sale

Nintendo Switch Sale

For the remainder of February three of our awesome indies are on sale on Nintendo Switch!

You can save 80% on GRIP : Combat Racing and take vehicular mayhem, with you, wherever you go by clicking right here!

You can save 75% on Vostok Inc. And become the filthy space capitalist you've always dreamed of for less than the cost of an expensive sandwich! Click right here to do so! 

And finally you can save 20% on Avicii Invector, Encore Edition - which includes both of the new Tim and Magma DLC bundles - increasing the song list to 35 tracks! You'll have to visit the eShop on your Switch for the bundle on this one!

A Double Birthday Celebration!

Our remote birthday celebrations are still ticking along - with a double celebration for our QA superstar Luke and our shiny new Product Manager - Edwin!

There was copious talk of chicken and a few rousing renditions of happy birthday to mark the occasion! Hopefully we'll be able to get back onto the office donut celebrations soon - if we can tear Edwin off of the Guilty Gear Strive Beta that is!

Happy birthday you two!

Community Spotlight

This weeks community spotlight is focused squarely on twitter user Chris177uk - who dove in and took some GORGEOUS RTX enabled shots from Deliver Us The Moon!

Feast your eyes on these!


Pretty darn spectacular if we don't say so ourselves!
You can catch more of their virtual photography over on their Twitter account by clicking right here!

Well that is going to do us for today!
Get those streams locked into your schedules, grab a couple of bargains for your Switch - and DEFINITELY keep those eyes on our socials this week....

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