The Wired Weekly Update - 21/12/20

December 21, 2020

The Wired Weekly Update - 21/12/20

This Week - We Unleash the Kraken

Hello again Wired family, and welcome to another Wired Weekly Update!

Before we dive into the plethora of sunken treasure coming up this week, we'd like to thank every single one of you joining us on our indie adventures in 2020.

This will be the final weekly update before the team takes some well earned rest and relaxation for the rest of the year, and whilst it may have been memorable for reasons none of us quite expected back in January - amidst the turmoil and challenges, it's been our privilege to celebrate every game release, update, charity drive, high score and success with you.

Thank you for being part of the #WiredFamily, and however you choose to spend your festive break, we wish you all the best and can't wait to show you what we have lined up for 2021.

With that being said, we aren't QUITE finished yet, there's the small matter of a very Wiredmas countdown and a particularly large Kraken to tackle, so let's get to it!


  • Tomorrow we Release The Kraken
  • Wiredmas Countdown
  • Indie Of The Year Awards
  • Deliver Us The Moon End Of Year Stream
  • Community Spotlight

Something Stirs In The Depths...

Not quite content with delivering one of the years most memorable next-gen titles, developer Tomas Sala is signing off 2020 with a brand new and COMPLETELY FREE update for owners of The Falconeer!

At 6pm GMT Tuesday, Xbox and PC Falconeers will receive an update that on top of addressing a couple of bugs and gameplay updates - adds new missions, locations, AI behaviour and much more, making the already sizable world of the Great Ursee EVEN BIGGER!

We can't wait to see what antics you all get up to with your 'Kraken' new friend, so feel free to continue sharing your adventures with us on Twitter with #WiredFamly for us to admire!

Keep your eagle eyes peeled for a new trailer and a couple of other treats as we celebrate this tenta-cool new update! 

A Very Wicked #Wiredmas

We've been getting into the festive spirit over at Wired (remote) HQ - and decided to share our cheer with the rest of the community via a countdown competition! Featuring game bundles, Collectors Editions and more games than you can shake a tentacle at!

Whilst a few of these are already done and dusted, there are still 4 days remaining on our #Wiredmas countdown - hit the link below to jump on todays giveaway and keep your eyes peeled for a new one every day as we head towards the 25th!

#WiredMas Competition

The IndieDB 'Indie Of The Year Awards'

Voting for the 2nd stage of the IndieDB awards closed today - and now begins the nerve wracking process of waiting to see who the overall victors are!

Whilst we don't know exactly when these results will be announced, we would like to say THANK YOU for all of your support and votes, with all three of our entered games making it into the top 100 games of the year and 2nd round of voting in itself being an incredible achievement!

Keep an eye on our socials later this week because if we do have any winners we will totally take a break from our holiday to thank you all profusely for your incredible support!


Delivering An End Of Year Celebration

On Monday 28th of December, Keoken Interactive, the developers behind the incredible Deliver Us The Moon are going to be hosting a celebratory 'end of year' stream, celebrating the journey of Deliver Us The moon so far, and of course, our wonderful community!

There will also be the opportunity to send us your best screenshots from the game for a chance to win a collectors edition that is truly out of this world!

Q: When is the stream?
A: Monday the 28th of December - 5pm GMT / 6pm CET / 9am PST / 12:00 EST

Q: Where can I watch it?
A: On Keokens Twitch channel by clicking right here

Q: How can I win the Collectors Edition?
A: Take your best screenshots from Deliver Us The Moon and share them with us on twitter using the hashtag #delivermedutmcollectors - the devs will search the tag on stream and pick their favourite to win!

Community Spotlight

Speaking of that competition, todays Community Spotlight comes from that very DUTM competition, where twitter user @FNAFer_618 set up this lovely shot of the lunar plains!

Keep sharing your screenshots and artwork with us for the #delivermedutmcollectors competition - or just for fun using #WiredFamily so we can show the world your keen eyes and talent!

Well that's going to do us for today, and most likely for 2020!

Once again, thank you all for your support, kindness, energy and hype over the year, with 2021 promising to be even BIGGER with new faces, new games, new memes, and so much more, we hope you'll join us in making next year even more Wired than anyone could believe - and we can't do it without you!

We may be fuelled by coffee, but we are #PoweredbyGamers

For one last time this year, stay safe, stay Wired and have an amazing festive break.

- From all of us at Wired Productions

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