The Wired Weekly Update - 18/01/2021

January 18, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 18/01/2021

This Week - We look to the year ahead.

Hello again Wired Family and welcome to the very first of our Wired Weekly Updates of 2021!

After a hectic 2020 and a much needed rest we are ready to tackle the year with all the vigour of a supercharged warbird - with lots of Next Gen excitement, new games to show you, and new faces to introduce you to!
And in typical Wired fashion we have some pretty special plans on how to do this - but that my friends, is for a future weekly update.

Today we focus on some Falconeer updates, and set the wheels in motion on how this year we are going to shine a spotlight and celebrate the passionate community and all of your talents!

So let's get to it!


  • A new Steam Falconeer Patch
  • EuroGamer Article - What is Magic to you?
  • Talking Brexit
  • Wired Challenge
  • Community Spotlight
  • Content Creator Questionnaire 


A Beastly New Update To The Falconeer

Last week Steam owners of The Falconeer we're given a beastly new update, featuring a visual upgrade for the rider and weapon effects, the ability to set custom waypoints on the world map - and much more!

You can read the full patch notes by clicking right here

For Falconeers on Xbox - the update is currently in testing and will be updated for you soon! Keep your eyes peeled!


What is Magic?

EuroGamer posted a new article today based on discussing exactly what 'Magic' means to a modern audience, and decided to pull in some of the most creative people they know and ask them about it! 

Falconeer Developer Tomas Sala was one of the fine folks they approached, for his take on what magic means to him (understandable based on the incredible world he created in The Great Ursee!)

You can catch his response as well as some other thoughtful responses by clicking right here

Talking Brexit

It's been quite impossible to avoid discussion of certain news trends over the past year, and Brexit has definitely been at the forefront of a lot of peoples minds.

2021 has seen lots of changes to the way businesses based in the UK need to operate on a global scale - and for that reason we’ve had to temporally stop shipping orders to the EU.

We’ve taken this decision to protect our gamers, as the fees, duties, handling costs and taxes are currently unknown, and whilst other companies have continued shipping, passing that problem on to the customer, it’s just not in our DNA.

So for now, we’ve halted sales. Be assured we’re working hard to look at all options and will be updating the policy as soon as possible. We’re also ring-fencing a % of our limited range stock, such as the Deliver Us The Moon Collector’s Editions, to make sure fans can still order once this is resolved.

Wired Challenges YOU!


This week we are kicking off our #WiredChallenges series, where we set forth our desires and ask you talented creators to match them!

Every Monday we set a challenge, and the following Monday we look at the submissions and award the winners a Wired game key of their choice - simple!
Sometimes we will ask for a high score or a fast lap time, sometimes a more hands on creation, or sometimes...something a little more out there.

This week we are focusing on the streamers out there, we want to see the spookiest clip from your streams - the moment that got your heart rate pumping and left you just as nervous as a cameraman recording a possessed news anchor (just like in our Those Who Remain launch stream above!)

Here's the quick rules run down :

  • Entry is open from RIGHT THIS MOMENT until January 25th 
  • Clips must come your own channel - no catfishing! 
  • Reply to the 'Wired Weekly Update' Tweet with your clip and the hashtag #WiredChallenges - The tweet can be found by clicking here! 
  • Right here in the blog next week we announce the winner!
  • It doesn't have to be a scare from a Wired game, though it makes us smile when we spook you!


Community Spotlight 

We continue our community love in by this week casting a spotlight on the incredible virtual photography skills of Twitter user  who snapped these incredible pictures of The Falconeer in photo mode!

Gorgeous stuff - those birds can fly but with an artistic eye and photo mode antics you can make them SOAR!

If you'd like to see your snaps, fanart or clips from our games shared in the community spotlight for the world to adore, be sure to share them with @wiredp on Twitter using the hashtag #WiredFamily so we can lavish praise upon them!


Content Creator Survey

Wrapping up this weeks update - we want to hear from content creators about what makes you tick.

What are you playing?
Where do you stream?
Do you attend events / Run competitions or communities?
What platforms do you play on?
And more.

We'll be covering this in more depth later this week - but 2021 is the year of the creator, and information such as this will go miles towards helping provide a kickass experience and a list of incredible creators to help make our games really shine

Click here to submit your answers and let us know exactly what appeals to you.

Okay! That should just about do it! We've got so much exciting news to share with you but for now, just strap yourselves in and prepare for a year of indie celebration unlike any other.

2021 is here, and we're gonna absolutely rock it - together.

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