The Wired Weekly Update - 16/03/2021

March 16, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 16/03/2021

This Week - BEES! (but not really)

Hello again Wired Family and welcome to our weekly update - where we tell you all the reasons why YOU need to hang with US and our eclectic collection of indies.

We have SO MUCH to cover today, so we aren't gonna dilly, let's get rocking.

(N:B - there is a video accompaniment en-route, for now, text only!)

Contents :

  • Wired Direct!
  • Those Who Remain Wins An Award
  • Collectors Edition Competition
  • #WiredLive Schedule
  • TLDR
  • Sales

Wired Direct

Last week we played a little bit coy with you about a super secret announcement we had. Well the cat is well and truly out of the bag, and now we should address it DIRECTLY.

That's right - Wired Direct is a thing, we announced it, it's going to be awesome and you NEED to be part of it.
We're going to be announcing all of our 2021 lineup and a couple of surprises  along the way!

'What can I expect from Wired Direct?'

- Julia Hardy as an incredible host!
- New games, including one from a team that brought you fable!
- Sequels to some of our beloved indies
- Exclusive trailers
- Developer interviews
- Updates to our existing games
- Okay not bees, but much much more.

The whole show goes down on March 29th - and we have the livestream page all up and running ready for you all - so go ahead and visit - click the notification bell, and we'll let you know on the day when the party starts!

Keep an eye on our socials too whilst you wait, we'll be sharing a tease or two along the way!

Those Who Remain Wins An Award

Those Who Remain scooped up ANOTHER award this week! Geeksdeouro hosts annual awards for the very best geek content released each year from Portugal! covering, tv, movies, anime and board games.

Their trip to the shadows of Dormont impressed them so much that they saw it fitting of receiving the Best Portuguese Game award!
We are so proud of the team at Camel101! And cant wait to see them holding their well earned trophy!

Collectors Edition Competition

We love our collectors editions, we may have mentioned once or twice.
And we're pretty generous people, as such we're going to start a monthly Gleam competition where folks can potentially snag themselves a piece of video game ART.

We'll be pushing these out at the start of each month, but to get the ball rolling, we decided to start TODAY - so visit the link in the below and you just might walk away with a gorgeous Deliver Us The Moon Collectors Edition at the end of the month.

Click here you lucky people!

#WiredLive Schedule

If you've been paying attention to our Wired Live streams, which you SHOULD BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME and contain betrayal, awkward internet freezing and killer robots then you will have no doubt seen Tegan complete Deliver Us The Moon on Tuesday (woooooo)

This week our schedule is going to consist of Tegan starting her journey into the shadows of Dormont in Those Who remain, followed by another session of loot hoarding in Victor Vran!

You can catch us on Tuesday and Thursday at 8pm GMT, and can drop a follow in advance RIGHT NOW by clicking this link.


If you haven't had enough of Tegan's presence (which lets be real, who could - she's a gem) you can ALSO now catch her on our new TLDR segment - released every Friday and giving you a virtual education on 'what the hell are our games' in a bite sized first play format.

You can catch the first episode focussed on Those Who Remain by clicking here!


Finally, there are a couple of sales on the go that will be ending midway through this week - so this is your last opportunity to grab our indies at a bargain price!

The Grip Digital deluxe edition is currently on Ps4 for a whopping 80% off until Wednesday, it gives you the base GRIP game, air blades update, wall shaking soundtrack, and all of the launch DLC garage packs for less that a tenner - which is quite frankly ridiculous value (and will allow you to join our community race days!)

And The base game of Avicii Invector is currently on Nintendo Switch eShop for 20% until Thursday - featuring 25 of Avicii's greatest hits for you to soar through in neon lit score chasing bliss, both alone or with a friend.

There's a free demo on the eShop right now, so go ahead, give it a try - if you like what you play then you can also expand the song list with our 2 DLC packs, each adding 5 new tracks to the game and creating the greatest Avicii setlist on the planet.

Alright - and with that we are DONE!

Thank you all once more for all your feedback, the weekly update is growing week by week into something awesome!
Be sure to let us know what you'd like to see included in these, send us your own creations for our community spotlight, or even your favourite content creators or clips from our games - they just might find themselves here or in our social compilations.

Make sure you have our #WiredDirect checklist complete!

- Subscribe to the channel and click the reminder
- Keep an eye on our socials
- Follow the steam publisher page to see all the new games as they are announced
- Join us on #Wiredlive each week and bug us with guesses about what were announcing.

We are two weeks away - and we cannot WAIT.

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