The Wired Weekly Update - 15/02/2021

February 15, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 15/02/2021

This Week - Astronomical Nominations

It's Monday evening and that means it's time for another Wired Weekly Update!
After the frantic events of the past couple weeks with Game Pass launches and dragon antics, we get to catch our breath and take a look at celebrating community creations and some excellent nominations for an out of this world game, read on!


  • DUTM Nominations
  • #Wiredlive Schedule
  • A Wired Valentines
  • #Wiredchallenges
  • Community Spotlight

Delivering Nominations!

The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (or NAVGTR for short) is more than a cool sounding abbreviation - it honours specialized roles and skill sets for video game art, technology, and production across the entire industry - basically putting plaudits and highlighting all of the incredible skillsets that go on behind the scenes of your favourite video games.

Our very own Deliver Us The Moon has received an astounding EIGHT nominations across the upcoming awards show - standing toe to toe with some huge names in their categories - which include :

  • Outstanding Control Design in 3D
  • Outstanding Gameplay Design For A New IP
  • Outstanding Original Adventure
  • Outstanding Game, Special Class
  • Outstanding Original Score For A New IP
  • Outstanding Original or Adapted Song
  • Outstanding Use Of Sound For A New IP
  • Outstanding Writing In A Drama

All nominations in these categories are very well worth their presence in these lists, and we can't wait to find out the results on the 22nd of Feb! We'll be sure to celebrate loud and proud with the Keoken team!

#WiredLive Schedule

Last week we took charming Indie puzzler 'Tohu' from our friends at Irregular Corps for a spin - then followed up with an adrenaline fuelled GRIP session, where we'd like to say our performance was better than our video game character impressions - but we'd be lying!

That isn't going to deter us from having another go though! We'll be throwing open the Wired Live doors once more on Thursday for the GRIP community to test themselves against our best! after taking Tegan on a first class trip to the stars with Deliver Us The Moon on Tuesday!

Hit the links below to get an early follow on our Twitch channel in advance, and our Discord where you can feedback on all our live content!

Wired Twitch
Wired Discord

A Wired Valentines

Over the weekend Valentines day stirred from its yearly slumber - and whilst social distancing and lockdowns might mean the traditional slap up meal and roses are off the menu, the internet found some more creative ways to show appreciation for the ones they appreciate in their lives.

We decided to join in the fun with some incredibly tasteful valentine e-card offerings based on our lovely indies. We think the Comic Sans really helps it POP you know?

If you have a loved one that is fond of huge warbirds, upside down cars, steampunk investigators or cute space robots, you can find our range of hallmark challenging cards on our Twitter account.


Celebrating the Game Pass launch of The Falconeer last week we asked our budding bird enthusiasts to share their favourite screenshots from the Great Ursee - with the ones we liked the most earning themselves a Wired game key of choice!

It's always a BLAST seeing the photographic talents of you all using The Falconeers photo mode, and this time around twitter user @RB_DadGamer stole the show with their awesome pack of a day in the life of a warbird - featuring some lovely scale trickery, and a gorgeous Maw run!


Congrats to our winner and thank you everyone else all for your submissions! 

This weeks #WiredChallenge is lining up with our celebratory Deliver Us The Moon Playthrough!
Deliver us a rocket! It can be 3d, made of lego, drawn, sculpted or heck even origami!

We want to see the creative ways you would like to take yourself into space - bonus points for an awesome sci-fi name to go with it!

As always simply share your creations with us on Twitter using the #WiredChallenges and we'll pick a winner this time next week!

Community Spotlight

The Community Spotlight this week goes fully onto the adrenaline fiends of GRIP - who not only managed to handily best us on the track - but came up with an incredible acrylic representation of the game, as well as a 3d print of the logo that looks awesome from EVERY angle!


Great stuff! Your creativity never fails to astound us!

Well that's it for another week - go ahead and get creating your space faring vessels, get notifications set on Twitch and come explore space / defy gravity with us - and check out all our socials to stay up to date with all our news!

We'll see you on the track!

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