The Wired Weekly Update 14-12-20

December 14, 2020

The Wired Weekly Update 14-12-20

This Week at Wired is dead!

Long live The Wired Weekly Update!

Hello there Wired family, and welcome to the very first of our 'restructured' weekly updates!

We've grown quite fond of our weekly updates, and enjoy revisiting all the hype events of any given week with you, however there is a higher calling for them - they can, and WILL be so much more!

As we move into 2021 there will be some pretty exciting additions and changes to the format based on feedback from you all, and today we lay the foundations by moving it from our Sunday recap, to a prime Monday slot - allowing us to not only look over the events of the previous week - but inform you of upcoming things THIS week in advance, smart right?

So settle yourself down, get those festive lights on, grab a cup of something warm and cast your eyes over things you may have missed, and things that are to come!


  • Our Roccat Headset Competition
  • Intel Sweepstakes
  • Indie Of The Year Awards
  • How To Survive The Ursee
  • Freecode Friday & Wired Challenges
  • An Ursee Mystery
  • Community Spotlight

Our Roccat Competition ends soon!

We paired up with the folks at Roccat to provide an incredible competition!

You can win yourself :

  •  A Deluxe PC Edition of The Falconeer
  •  A ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air Gaming Headset

At the time of posting there are only 37 hours left in this, so get yourself entered if you haven't yet!

Enter The Competition

Win The Falconeer with Intel

If you want a competition with a little more time on the clock, our friends at Intel Gaming have scored themselves 40 copies of The Falconeer on PC and are running a sweepstake right now where you could be one of the lucky folks preparing to soar into the Great Ursee!

There are 20 days remaining on this! So plenty of time to sink your Talons into the competition! but there's no time like the present!

Intel Sweepstake 

The Indie Of The Year Awards

Last week we raised a battle cry and asked you all to jump onto the Indie DB 'Indie of the year' awards and vote for your favourite Wired games!

Well the first round of voting has ended - and all 3 of our games made it into the top 100 finalists! THANK YOU!

The second round of voting has begun to find the community favourites among the remaining 100! So we are asking for your strength one more time!

Follow the link below to cast your votes for our incredible indies - you can vote for more than one this time so be sure to choose all your favourites!

You can find Those Who Remain and Deliver Us The Moon in the Adventure Category, whist The Falconeer has roosted up in the Role Playing Game Category!

Let's get a Wired top 3!

Indie DB Vote page

Surviving The Great Ursee

We recently updated The Falconeer Wikia page with a wealth of Falconeer knowledge (and with the help of the amazing community are continuing to build it into a fantastic game bible!) 

On top of this however, we're about to start a series of short 'Surviving the Great Ursee' videos, sharing some tips, tricks, secrets and much more with you! Keep an eye on our Youtube channel in the coming weeks as they begin to take to the skies!

You can find both the Wikia and our channel below!

The Falconeer Wikia

Wired Productions Youtube

Free Code Friday & Community Challenges

It's no secret we love a good giveaway to close off the week, and one of the highlights of our weekend is getting in touch with someone that has won and seeing them get hype over a new game or two to play!

We're going to be branching this out, with the start of each week containing a gauntlet, thrown down from us to you to accomplish a feat in a game, or share your love of our games in a way that will result in a spotlight and prize!

We are nothing without our community of indie fans, and want to share the creative talents and skills of our wired family with the world!  

Keep an eye out on Fridays for our free code contests, and in these very blogs starting next week for our #Wiredchallenges, or create for fun then share your entries with #Wiredfamily on Twitter so we can share them here and with the world!

A Mysterious Warbird

If you've been keeping an eagle eye on Falconeer developer Tomas Sala's Twitter account you may have seen some rather intriguing images appearing over the week.

How very strange, we're pretty familiar with The Great Ursee by this point and we must say this doesn't look like anything we've come across before....

We'll keep investigating and keep you updated.

Community Spotlight

So apparently a videogame was launched this week? Or a new matrix film? 
Seemed to cause enough of a stir that GRIP combat racing fan and community member RuthlessDutchman decided to put together a GRIP Airblade that would look right at home in Night City!

There's a photoshop opportunity to have Keanu Reeves pointing at the airblade calling it breathtaking if anybody fancies it!

Anyway! That does it for this week, get your competition entries in - get used to our new Monday updates, keep your eyes peeled for strange Falconeer pictures and to get educated with all the secrets of veteran warbird riders.

We'll catch you on Monday for another update, and the first of our challenges.

Stay Wired!

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