The Wired Weekly Update - 08/03/2020

March 09, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 08/03/2020

This Week - We Know Something You Don't Know

Hello again Wired family, and welcome to another Wired weekly Update.
First of all thank you ALL for your feedback on our prototype last week - we'll be continuing to evolve this as we go along, so once again let us know what you think in the comments  - and be sure to subscribe for incredible game trailers and awesome indie C O N T E N T.

You can catch this weeks video update right here !

With that being said, we've got a lot to cover, so let's get started!

Contents :

  • A Vostok Sequel? Maybe?
  • Falconeer Bafta Nomination
  • Falconeer Community Spotlight
  • #WiredLive Schedule
  • Deliver Us The Moon Sale

A Vostok Sequel? Maybe?

Kicking off this weeks update we are taking a look at a teaser we announced on Friday, with a reveal of what may or may not be vostok inc 2. Which may or may not be a game and may or note be a sequel.

Simple right?

If you're confused - don't worry, all will be made clear VERY soon - but in the meantime go give your Moolah a check in with the original Vostok, space capitalism never sleeps, so why should you!!... Okay but seriously, make sure you get some sleep.

Falconeer Bafta Nomination

How do you compete with what may or may not be a game reveal for excitement?
Well the answer comes in the form of finding out that The Falconeer was nominated for a BAFTA in this years BAFTA game awards, specifically in the Debut game category!

Solo developer Tomas Sala poured every ounce of heart and soul into The Falconeer a game that whilst only 5 months old at this point, has already evolved massively on the scope since we originally released it.

We are so proud of Tomas and all that he achieved, and will be watching eagerly on March 25th when the awards are announced!
Here is a totally accurate rendition of what the Falconeer would look like, with a BAFTA trophy.

If you haven't taken a trip back to the Great Ursee for a while now is a good time to jump back in - there's Krakens in there, guided rockets, new guilds and dragons from the new Hunter DLC!

Take some screenshots and share them with us on twitter using the #BaftaGames and #TheFalconeer hashtags so we can tell you how pretty they are!

Falconeer Community Spotlight

Speaking of community created content, you may remember when Twitter and discord community member DEmidill shared this OUTSTANDING 3d model of The Falconeer warbird with us on The Hunter Launch Day!

Well they haven't stopped creating since then, making these lovely fan arts of that very model, as well as a rather sharp looking warbird face that wouldn't look out of place on an e-sports team jersey, or maybe an ice hockey team - flying V anyone?

#WiredLive Schedule

Moving swiftly along - we had a BLAST last week on #WiredLive celebrating the #5YearsOfTTOL anniversary, before hunting spiders, spiders, and.... more spiders in Victor Vran.

This week Tegan will be taking herself back to her moon mission and continuing to flip buggies / be suspicious of ASE - before we take ourselves back to the track for more vehicular mayhem in GRIP.

Be sure to drop our Twitch a follow and join us on the track and in the chat!

Deliver Us The Sale 

And Finally, if you like what you see in Deliver Us The Moon - here's a last call that the Deluxe edition is currently on sale for 50% off in the PlayStation Indies sale but ONLY until Wednesday!

The Deluxe edition comes with an unforgettable soundtrack, which is worth the price of admission itself to be honest!

You can find a link to the sale right here!

Alright, that's going to do us for another Wired Weekly update!
Keep your eyes peeled to our socials tomorrow, there's some pretty awesome news you aren't going to want to miss.

Make sure you're following all our socials and come join us for our awesome #WiredLive shows.

This has been the Wired Weekly Update - we'll catch you next time!

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