The Wired Weekly Update - 08/02/2021

February 08, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 08/02/2021

This Week - The Warbird Gets A Game Pass

Hello again Wired Family, and welcome to this weeks update! Following up from last weeks exciting Dragon fuelled update, we have a shiny new trailer - the introduction of The Falconeer to Game Pass, some fantastic fanart and much more to cover!


  • The Hunter Trailer and Game Pass
  • Wired Sales End Soon!
  • A Wired Birthday
  • #Wiredlive Schedule
  • #Wiredchallenges
  • Community Spotlight

Hunt Down Our New Trailer

Last week kicked off with the roar of the Ormir Dragon taking to the Great Ursee skies and formally introducing itself in the brand new Hunter DLC for The Falconeer.

Soaring onto Xbox And PC platforms, The Hunter has already started a bit of a discussion as to which of our giant aerial beasts is the superior specimen!
But one thing that cannot be argued, is the impact of the brand new pyro pot weapons (which are also available for everyone regardless of DLC ownership!)

They pack one heck of a punch - and will reduce most things to splinters quicker than you can say 'Big ass bird' - this does include friendlies though, so be careful!

As a bird bonus, we also announced that The Falconeer is available to download on Game Pass RIGHT NOW - meaning if you are subscribed to the Xbox service, you can get the entire base game in your talons free of charge!

To celebrate we decided to offer one plucky Falconeer the ability to win an entire YEAR of subscription to Game Pass - by simply sharing our eye catching social tweet!

Simply click right here and follow the instructions to enter! Good Luck!

A HOT Wired Sale!

When one door closes, a window opens! Last week our very wired sale ended on Steam, and we immediately opened the floodgates on another batch of discounts for some of our incredible indie titles on Steam!

  • The Falconeer  - 20% Off - £19.99
  • GRIP base game - 82% Off - £4.49
  • Fractured Minds - 15% Off - £1.52
  • Super Dungeon Bros - 80% Off - £2.99
  • Close To The Sun - 55% Off - £7.19

These particular sales will be wrapping up by Thursday the 11th - so make sure to swoop in and grab yourself a bargain whilst you can!

You can visit the discounts and the rest of the Wired library on Steam by clicking right here!

A Wired Birthday

Last week saw the IRL level up of our very own PR superstar! As Anastasia (also the voice behind the Russian branch of Wired socials and responsible for many of the awesome Instagram visuals you see!)celebrated her (redacted) birthday!

As we are all still working remotely (And Anastasia even more than most by distance!) we had to forego the usual office donuts and instead bombard her with anime gifs, emo music and a very well rehearsed rendition of Happy Birthday.
No we won't be sharing the video, and trust us that's how you want it!

Happy Birthday!

#Wiredlive Schedule

If you missed last weeks #WiredLive streams (first of all, WHERE WERE YOU?!?!) then you missed a riproaring combination of Phasmophobia community antics - and plenty of friendly fire failures using the new Falconeer Pyro Pots.

This week promises to be EVEN MORE ENTERTAINING! With a look a recently released title from our friends over at Irregular Corps on Tuesday called Tohu - and a high speed community crash fest with the Wired gang on Thursday in GRIP!.

Peep the schedule, commit it to memory :

Got it? Good! Hit the links below to get an early follow on our Twitch channel in advance, and our Discord where you can feedback on all our live content!

Wired Twitch
Wired Discord


We asked you all to submit your very best artistic creations surrounding The Falconeer and its new Ormir counterpart (and led by our own example with a...unique piece of art)

We received submissions of all shapes and sizes, showing dragons, warbirds and in one instance, a totally badass combination of the two!

Have a peep at some of the submissions below! 


Pretty awesome right? Though we still think our original pitch stream art has the others beat!

Or maybe not....


Thank you to everyone for your submissions winners will be getting spotlight on our social throughout the week and notified of their hard earned keys!

This week however, we're keeping it creative.
Now that the bird is the word for many more folks with the Game Pass edition - there are even more of you to make the most of the in-game photo mode - here are the rules :

  • Use the Photo Mode in The Falconeer
  • Take breath-taking A R T I S T I C shots
  • Submit them to us on Twitter with #WiredChallenges 
  • The ones we like most will win a Wired game key of choice next week!

Community Spotlight

Wrapping things up this week, we cast our gaze once more to the community spotlight - where the combination of our art competition, and the skills of our grip community racers handed a plethora to pick from!

But the uncontested "oh wow that has blown our mind!" unexpected piece of community content came from Twitter user @DEmedill - who helped amplify The Hunter launch with a quite frankly INCREDIBLE hand made model of our Warbird!

Click right here to jump over to Twitter and see it in all of its glory and tell them how incredible it is!

Alright, that's enough from me for now, you've got some photos to take - streams to attend and a whole week of gaming ahead of you! 

Keep an eye on our socials for all the good content - we'll catch you next week!

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