The Wired Weekly Update - 01/03/21

March 01, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 01/03/21

This Week - Oh Hai March!

Hello again Wired family, It's Monday and that means it's time for another round up of all the awesome updates from the world of Wired.

This is ALSO the very first of our weekly updates to have a swanky new video - so you can get all of this information in your ear holes read by Gary and Tegan, with visual assets and links out to all the cool things mentioned - if that's the kind of thing you're into!

You can catch that very video and read along with us right here :

That being said we've got a lot to cover! So let's go! 


  • 5 Years Of Light
  • Martha Is Dead - Reacquaint Yourselves
  • Avicii Invector Now On Stadia
  • DUTM Wins An Award
  • New Falconeer Update
  • Stream Schedule

5 Years Of Light

If you've spent any time at all over the weekend looking at our socials (which you should because they are awesome) You'll have seen us celebrating the 5th anniversary of The Town Of Light.

A very special game in more ways than one, in that it not only managed to tackle incredibly dark and human subject matter with tact and respect, but it helped raise important discussions about mental health and sparked a movement within the company that led tot he formation of many charity drives and awareness programs that have rippled outwards industry wide to this day.

We've been sharing some of our favourite featurette and behind the scenes footage and screenshots and interviews with the developers, actors from trailers and workers from the Asylum the game takes place in themselves to help build a picture about how much care went into the Town Of Light - and why Renée's story is so important.

If you missed any of these and want a catchup - simply search our socials for our #5YearsOfTTOL posts and join us in celebration!

Martha Is Dead

Of course, we can't spend all this time talking about the amazing work LKA did on The Town Of Light without also taking a look at their next game, Martha Is Dead!

Set in a gorgeous recreation of wartime Tuscany in Italy, Martha Is Dead is a first-person dark psychological thriller, combining disturbing and dreamlike tones with a mix of history, superstition and psychological distress

Martha Is Dead will be launching on Ps4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox One Series S|X and PC later this yearm, and we'll be sharing some more news about it very soon! Make sure you have it added to your Steam Wishlists today so you don't miss a beat!

Martha Is Dead On Steam

Avicii Invector Now On Stadia

Moving onto something with a little more neon luminosity now, Avicii Invector jumped onto Nintendo Switch last year with the release of the Encore Edition to join its PC and console counterparts!

This week it found itself arriving on Google Stadia, bringing the greatest Avicii setlist known to man and nonstop chart surfing bliss with it!

Stadia owners can automatically sign up for A Better Day and get it for free with the Pro plan, or purchase it for £19.99 standalone.

Get practicing Stadia folks, there's gonna be a score challenge on this soon!

DUTM Wins an Award!

Last Week Deliver Us The Moon was nominated for an astounding EIGHT categories in the NAVGTR awards! Competing against an incredible range of games from incredible indies such as Spiritfarer, to AAA juggernauts such as Ghosts of Tsushima and The Last Of Us 2!

Any one of those games could easily have walked away with a trophy or two, so it made us all fuzzy and excited that DUTM scooped up the 'Outstanding Game' award in the Special Class Category!

Another award thoroughly deserved by the entire dev team at Keoken, and believe us they are over the moon!

As an additional bonus, Deliver Us The Moon is currently in the 'PlayStation Indies' sale - meaning you can grab the Digital Deluxe version of the game (you know, the one with the absolutely STUNNING soundtrack' for an absolute steal of a price right now!

The sale only lasts until March 10th though, so move fast and click right here 

A New Falconeer Update

Ahh the Falconeer, nothing quite beats the feeling of the wind rustling through your hair as you obliterate everything in your path with lightning, rockets and bio-guns.

And even though it feels like only yesterday that Tomas Sala introduced us all to the world of The Great Ursee, he's been hard at work adding cool things like DRAGONS and KRAKENS and awesome updates to the game based on player feedback.

This week a brand new patch hit the Xbox And Steam servers that aims to streamline the opening of the game, removing some of the bloat in the tutorial that new players struggled with, and getting you out hunting for splinters and scoundrels faster than a greased up Sark!

There's also a few bug fixes in there too and UI adjustments, which you can see the full list of over on the Steam page 

#WiredLive Schedule


Rounding up todays update, we have two more shows planned for #WiredLive this week!

Starting tomorrow with a trip through Volterra Asylum as part of our Town Of Light celebrations, where we will share some cool documentary footage, talk about what makes the game so special and take a fresh look at Renee's story!

Then on Thursday we'll be putting on all manner of fancy hats and returning to our demon hunting sidejob in Victor Vran - hopefully with a few less spiders and a little more gangnam style this time.

As always You can catch our streams at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST / 12pm PST EVERY Tuesday and Thursday - so come drop us a follow on Twitch at!

Okay that should just about do it for this week! Make sure to give our cool new update video a watch, and leave us some feedback in the comments!

Then get our streams locked in, follow our socials,  get Martha on your wishlist, and get ready for a very VERY special March....

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