The Wired Weekly Update - 01/02/2021

February 01, 2021

The Wired Weekly Update - 01/02/2021

This Week - We Enter The Dragon

Hello again Wired Family, it's Monday evening which means it's time for another deep dive into everything awesome in the world of Wired!

We've got a couple of awesome announcements, more stream antics, and a challenge that will test your artistic talents to the max!


  • The Hunter
  • Tomas Sala and Being 'Bob Ross'
  • A Fascinating Falcon Thread
  • Sales Continue
  • #Wiredlive Schedule
  • GRIP Tournament Signup
  • #Wiredchallenges


The Hunter

It feels like only yesterday a certain #bigassbird established itself as the biggest aerial threat in the the form of The Falconeer.
This week however, we introduce a contender for ruler of the Great Ursee skies - in the form of The Ormir Dragon! 

Arriving on February 4th (That's this Thursday!) - The Hunter is a content pack update for The Falconeer containing :

  • A brand new 'Mongres Hunter' player class
  • A Flyable Ormir Dragon
  • An enhanced set of Pyro Pot guided rockets
  • Additional Outfits for your rider

We've had some questions since announcing which we'll quickly cover here :

Q) Is this PC only?
A) Nope! The Hunter is coming to PC and Xbox at the same time, Xbox Falconeers will also receive the most recent Steam update now that it has finished testing (see previous blog patch notes)

Q) How much is The Hunter?
A) The Hunter Content Pack will cost £1.69 / $1.99 / €1.99

Q) Are there any new locations / missions?
A) This update is fully focussed on the new mount, rider and weapon - keep an eye out for future updates though :)

Q) Do I have to buy The Hunter to check out the new weapons?
A) The pyro pots will be accessible whether you own the DLC or not.

Q) Are there any differences between the Dragon and The Warbird?
A) Well... one is a dragon, one is a bird? duh. 
Q) Very funny.
A) Okay, no they are both fully functional and capable of the same antics!

Q) Which one would win in a fight?
A) Our moneys on the Dragon, but don't tell the Warbird we said that.

Of course we'll have an awesome launch day stream featuring Tomas discussing and showcasing the new content, a suitably epic trailer - and maybe, just MAYBE another surprise or two to reveal along the way.

Being Bob Ross

Whilst we are on the subject of The Falconeer, we'd be foolish not to point you in the direction of this fantastic article in MCV/Develop - in which developer Tomas Sala breaks down his approach to game development, and what it meant for The Falconeer.

It's an incredible read, so we'll let the man himself do the talking and say you can click right here to get started!

A Fascinating Falcon Thread 

Rounding up our Falcon news for this update - It isn't often we direct directly to a Twitter thread as a source of awesome content, but when it comes to Tomas... well we will make an exception.

He spent some time over the weekend showing his step by step thought and creation process when toying around with new ideas and crafting environments.

It's a great follow up to the MCV article to really show that creation process in action - and you can see it by clicking right here!

Don't miss the end of our sale!

Last week we highlighted a few of our wonderful indie titles that were available on Steam for a discount price because we appreciate you!

These next few days will see those sales wrapping up sharpish - so if you want to grab yourself and absolute bargain in some of the hottest games on the market - now's your chance!

  •  Avicii Invector - 45% off! - £8.79
  • Avicii Invector Encore Edition (includes all DLC) - 40% off! - £15.59
  • Avicii Invector Tim and Magma DLC packs - 20% off! - £3.99
  • Deliver Us The Moon - 38% off! - £12.39
  • Those Who Remain - 40% off - £9.59

To check out the Avicii sales click right here! (Until Feb 3rd)
For Deliver Us The Moon click right here! (Until Feb 5th)
And for Those Who Remain, click right here! (Until Feb 4th)

#Wiredlive Schedule


We had an absolute blast last week on #WiredLive - mixing up a nice fall guys and chill session to introduce you all to Tegan, and then a Kraken good time teasing the (now announced) Hunter DLC of The Falconeer!

This week we'll be back on Twitch to delight you with our antics and appal you with our puns.

Expect spooky shenanigans aplenty on Tuesday with a community Phasmo session, then a celebration of all things Hunter in The Falconeer on Thursday!

If you want to come take part in our community streams, or simply enjoy wonderful C O N T E N T - then be sure to follow us on Twitch and set that notification!
Additionally you can join our Discord (where we just learned what a Mukbang was) and catch up with all our plans!

Wired Twitch
Wired Discord



Speaking of Discord - the fantastic adrenaline fuelled GRIP community are hosting their very own signup tournament this weekend! It's free to enter and will be being streamed out from members of the community over the day!

If you've got a need for gravity defying speed - you can head on over to the GRIP discord today and check out the #Championships-announcement channel for signup details.

We'll be watching and clipping out the highest octane moments from the event - so be sure to put on a good show!

Click here to join the fastest Discord Server on 4 / no wheels.


Last week we tasked you to finish a GRIPPING lap on one of our favourite circuits, in Garys signature pink and green Warlander.

After scouring through the Dm's and screenshots, the winning lap was awarded to Twitter user @kiko_rinzler who managed a very respectable 00:23:117!

Congrats Kiko! 

Moving onto this week - it seems only fitting that with The Hunter announcing its presence, we keep things locked down dragon style.

We want you, fine folks to give us your dragon drawings.
They don't have to be a MASTERPIECE - we are all about appreciating the effort behind the art here at Wired, so worry not if all you have is mspaint and a dream.

Show us your minds eye view of a majestic dragon in the Great Ursee, and a suitably epic name - and the ones we like the most will win Wired game codes - as long as you share them with us on Twitter using #WiredChallenges

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Alright, that's enough from me - you've got streams to prepare for, tournaments to enter, articles to read, and a majestic dragon to create.
Keep an eye on our socials for all the good content - we'll catch you next week!

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