The terror of Dormont has arrived...

May 28, 2020

Those Who Remain is now out!

Those Who Remain is now available digitally on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4! 

To celebrate unleashing absolute terror upon you all - we've released a creepy launch trailer which should give you a good idea of what lies ahead!

It's okay! You can come out from behind your pillow now!

Once you've got yourself together, you can pick up Those Who Remain right now on the digital storefronts of Steam, PlayStation Network, and the Xbox Store - as well as most online E-tailers.

⬛Steam Page
🟦PlayStation Store
🟩Xbox Store

And don't forget that RIGHT NOW from the streets of Dormont itself we will be hosting a live special news broadcast with the developers of the game - giving out keys - learning the backstory about the games design and inspiration, and maybe speaking to a special guest or two... all at 2pm BST on the Steam page!

Those Who Remain Stream

Today.... you will know fear...