The Free And The Fallen Trailer

October 02, 2020

The Free And The Fallen Trailer

"The Ursee cares not... It will always take its due..."

Today we unveiled the brand new trailer for The Falconeer! 

Titled  'The Free and the Fallen' it takes you on a virtual trip of the Ursee, showing some of the locations in the game and explaining the ambitions behind each of the well as a dire warning from the Enchantress about the fury of the storms and seas.

Pretty intense stuff!

We shared a little preview of The Falconeer on Twitch earlier this week alongside solo developer Tomas Sala, who helped us sharpen our combat skills - gave some context tot he world and its lore, and helped us take a pretty picture in the In-game photo mode!

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The Falconeer soars onto PC, Xbox One, Series X and Series S on November 10th! 

You can pre-order the day one edition right here for a host of awesome additional content - Falconeer Day One Edition

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