The Falconeer Xbox Patch Now Live

December 02, 2020

The Falconeer Xbox Patch Now Live

Attention Falconeers!

The Xbox version of The Falconeer has received a new update - log in now and get it downloaded for faster warbirds, bug fixes and more UI updates!

Gameplay Changes

  • Speed for all player birds increased by 10%
  • Rate of fire increased for Magnetar rifle and Lightning Caster, to improve early game difficulty
  • Home/story location now indicated on the map
  • Fast travel now possible to friendly and neutral locations via the worldmap, outside of missions or battle.
  • Epilogue now remains unlocked after getting to the Treefall mission
  • Animations for the bird wandering if getting no input, now a lot more random and subtle
  • 2 and 3 star guns reduced in price to help in early game
  • XP rewards from escorts and trader/persistent ship destruction reduced.
  • pirate unit health reduced by 13%
  • Dreadnot speed increased to be as fast as civilian cutter and mancer praudicus

Bug Fixes

  • Bird collector achievement fixed
  • Ace of Aces, Steel Surgeon and other achievements required one to many kills, fixed
  • Skipping battlemap animations with mouse now fixed

UI Updates

  • Bird name added your stats
  • Cinematic zooms can now be disabled from the settings menu
  • Difficulty displayed in main menu, help players be informed on the option and current state.
  • Story Mission indicated clearer so people don't miss these.
  • Chapter screen now gives more information on each chapter.

Localisation Improvements

  • Japanese localisation improved