The Falconeer Updated On Steam

January 15, 2021

The Falconeer Steam Patch

Attention Falconeers!

The Steam version of The Falconeer has received a beastly new update, featuring more map functionality, weapon balancing, visual upgrades, and bug fixes!

The Xbox version of this patch is currently in testing and will be available soon.

Edit : There has been a further small update to this patch based on some bugs that were brought to light!

Additional update notes :
  • Enemies are prevented from spawning more than 450 meters away, to prevent them wandering off during missions
  • Lip sync audio source analysis fixed to channel 0,to prevent random out of range errors
  • Roaming surface ships are now initialized at a random origin correctly, (no more pirate ships crossing the maw)
  • Roaming surface ships now have proper collision avoidance between themselves (prevents ships clipping thru each other)
  • Gui Animations are now framerate independent
  • Some text could "fall" due to infinite line breaks
  • Whirlwinds now always give 100% energy refills and boost a bit more
  • Bird gains a tiny bit of energy from straight flight
  • Exploding ammo won't explode or cause errors if you are fully out of ammo
  • Custom map marker would never be removed on click, when set to mouse control and aim
  • Edge target indicator behaved wrong when behind you (i.e. stuck in the corner too much)

Full patch notes are as follows :

  • Magnetar rifle damaged lowered by 30%, DpS was much too high 
  • Lightning caster rate of fire increased, to match DpS of Magnetar
  • RoF of Razor Beetles reduced a bit, to prevent overwhelming swarm fire.
  • Purify chant, reduced effectiveness to only critically explode subtargets 30% of the time.
  • First enemy encounter in epilogue removed, to prevent being spotted later
  • Shard and Oberon's Reach no longer have low level side missions (no deliveries or salvage and such). Only warfare side missions.
  • Default Mancer player bird lowered several stats
  • Added a trader for future stuff to Port Remit

  • Battlemap and Dialogue sequences now auto-continue without input
  • Worldmap now snaps and attracts to markers, making navigating it easier
  • Worldmap now has a center reticule
  • Worldmap now has a custom map pin you can set with SELECT and shows up on your compass.
  • Moved a gate for the southern time trial to make it less daunting
  • Cinematic zoom on enemies disabled during stealth sequences
  • Mouse controls improved on world map

  • New color appropriate nozzle firing FX, that scale with weapon quality.
  • Player rider model has had a major detail upgrade, gone is the ultra angular rider in your photomode shots.

  • Inverted control settings would revert when opening the controller menu
  • Prevention of fast travel prompt remaining stuck
  • Fixed ace of aces achievement to the correct count
  • Swapping out a weapon in a store , will refund your old weapon value.
  • Charging in a storm will not change the type of ammo-pot, if the pot being charged is more valuable than the "charged" result. So if you charge a high value green pot in a blue storm,, it will remain a green pot..
  • Mouse hitbox for settings button scaled up to include entire button area