The Falconeer Steam Update 1

November 12, 2020

The Falconeer Steam Update 1

Hello Falconeers!

The first patch for The Falconeer is now available to download.

Based on the feedback given in the first 48 hours there's been some changes to how mouse performance works in game, some splinter economy balancing, and general bug fixes to ensure a much smoother trip through The Great Ursee!

Patch notes are as follows :


Control Updates

  •  Controller changes can now be cancelled by exiting through esc or back button
  •  Mouse sensitivity slider in settings
  •  Mouse smoothing added

Economy changes

  • Cash from falcons is returned on chapter change
  • 50% of cash from mutagens is returned on chapter change

Bug Fixes

  • C4M4 and C4M8 now respawn enemy ships if you retry the mission after having destroyed one or both ships
  • Worldmap shows the correct 12 fortresses
  • Mission delivery items such as the key or the packages, when they are thrown somewhere where they can end up beneath the world such as the maw, they respawn at a last known good location.

UI Updates 

  • Skippers reward text is now at the bottom and doesn't overlap with mission debrief
  • Bird portrait now doesn't clip back and forth between mutated and not in bird seller screen
  • The word keyboard should no longer appear ahead of a key binding, so it now says press R to land. Fix for localised text

Gameplay changes

  • Maw stealth space is a bit roomier
  • Game saves always on landing, (not just on finishing a mission), so discovery progress is kept
  • Badge of seeker added to Oberons Reach store

Once again thank you for all of your feedback! If you have any bugs or issues you would like to report, please continue to do so, the easiest method being via The Falconeer Discord where you can report them directly to Tomas himself!

The Falconeer Discord

Download the update, get yourself out to the Ursee once more, and don't forget to leave a review!