The Falconeer Preview Roundup

September 25, 2020

The Falconeer Preview Roundup

The Falconeer Beta creeps ever closer (less than 2 weeks now!) and we've started to see previews in the skies of the internet - and the impressions are definitely going to ruffle some next-gen feathers!

Read on for a summary of what awaits you this November 10th!

"The Falconeer is swooping in as the best Xbox Series X launch title"

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"I will play more, I know it, working my way through the campaign and shuttling between one precarious culture and the next, uncovering the story of the world, rescuing history from the depths. But for now it is enough to pick a point on the horizon and head for it, wings beating beneath me, and a sense, not necessarily of power well mastered, but of clinging on as hard as I can"

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Windows Gaming Central

"I'm excited for players to experience the curious and cryptic story for themselves, but for now, I can confidently say I can't wait to uncover the mysteries of the deep and the origins of the falconeers."

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Pc Gamer

"I'm super impressed with The Falconeer so far, and even more so with the knowledge that it's being developed by a single creator, Tomas Sala. I've had plenty of aerobatic fights with angry sky pirates, but there's so much more to do. I've escorted ships across the sea, scouted out missing tech, and been a secret spy for illusive factions, all of which fits into an arching political history between the world's different houses. There are also hints of forgotten ancient technology and treasure beneath the waves, and if you've seen any of the game's bombastic trailers, you know what's to come."

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"With a solid and exciting combat system coupled with a constantly changing world, Microsoft looks to have a solid launch title on their hands."

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Sounds pretty impressive right? 

If this has got you itching to strap on the back of a giant falcon and explore the Ursee - make sure you sign up to the upcoming Beta on the official Discord by clicking right here!