The Falconeer Is Launching Day one on Xbox Series X!

July 23, 2020

Falconeer Day One Edition

“I flew…I carried the splinters… I carried the souls…all except my own”

A brand new trailer for The Falconeer has just landed during the Xbox Games Showcase – displaying more incredible aerial action and a haunting Falconeer’s tale.

If that wasn't incredible enough - we announced that The Falconeer is launching DAY ONE on the Xbox Series X! This means :

  • Crisp 4k resolution to swoon over the gorgeous art style 
  • 60 FPS for smooth aerial combat.
  • Smart Delivery Support so you can take these warbirds with you across Xbox generations.
  • A fantastic day one edition

The Falconeer Day One Edition

This is all pretty incredible news, but we aren't done yet! That Day One Edition is a beauty, and comes with a host of awesome extras to enhance your trip to the Ursee!


  • A copy of the Falconeer playable on Xbox One AND Series X 
  • Digital soundtrack featuring original music from award-winning composer Benedict Nichols, and Mikee W Goodman, of experimental tech metal pioneers, SikTh.
  • Digital Game Guide to enhance your knowledge of the Ursee and the factions within it.
  • A lenticular card featuring one of the fearsome warbirds.
  • A sticker sheet to leave your mark wherever you desire.
  • And reversible cover art for those of you that prefer a more minimal approach to artwork.

Pre-orders are available right now >  Falconeer Day One Edition

Falconeer Socials

You’ll want to keep an eagle eye on the socials for The Falconeer, and don’t forget to add it to your wishlist if Steam is where you'll be flying from :-

The Falconeer on Steam 
The Falconeer on Twitter
The Falconeer Facebook 
The Falconeer DIscord