The Falconeer Hunter DLC is OUT NOW!

February 04, 2021

The Falconeer Hunter DLC is OUT NOW!

Enter The Dragon

Take to the skies aboard a fearsome serpent and unleash fiery vengeance from above with The Hunter DLC for The Falconeer and put an end to the debate of whether a giant warbird or huge dragon is cooler! (spoilers, they both rock)

The Hunter content pack comes with a new 'Mongres Hunter' playable class, a flyable Ormir Dragon mount, and an exclusive set of Pyro Pot guided rockets to shock and awe the opposition, as well as an additional outfit for your Falconeer! It's available right now on Xbox and PC for £1.69 / $1.99/ €1.99

You can also save 20% on the Falconeer on Steam until Feb 10th!

You can buy it on Xbox by clicking right here
And on Steam by clicking right here

Soaring Onto GamePass

Additionally - The Falconeer is now available to download for FREE by all subscribers to Xbox Game Pass!

The Falconeer on Game Pass supports Xcloud, Console, and PC - meaning whether you're on the go, next gen, or last gen, you'll have a #BigAssBird in the hand at all times - which is worth a few more than two in the bush.

To celebrate the Game Pass launch we are giving away a whole year of Game Pass subscription on Twitter!

You can click right here to enter!