Real-time ray tracing heads to the moon!

August 20, 2019

Real-time ray tracing heads to the moon!

RTX GPUs deliver on the promise of ray tracing, an ambitious step forward that signals a giant leap in rendering technology. We expect to see real-time ray tracing in any game that seriously aims for cinematic-quality rendering, so it was an obvious target for us to include in Deliver Us The Moon!

In Deliver Us The Moon, ray tracing is used to enhance the game’s most unique environments, making the space-man experience more immersive than ever before. Light, shadows and reflections behave more realistically and with greater precision, adding additional depth as you explore the lunar surface. The darkness of space never felt so consuming. Only NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ GPUs are capable of playing games with real-time ray tracing enabled.

Check out Deliver Us The Moon running real-time ray tracing on GeForce RTX GPUs:


Powered by Unreal® Engine 4, Deliver Us The Moon is set in an apocalyptic near-future where the Earth’s resources have been depleted and humanity looks to the stars. Nations band together to create the World Space Agency - an organisation tasked with solving the extreme energy crisis. The solution: colonization and exploitation of the moon’s natural reserves of Helium-3 to serve the energy needs of a growing Earth population. Suddenly, and without warning, communications with the Moon cease, and the energy source is lost. Plunged into darkness and without power, years pass as world governments come together once more to embark on a new mission - to re-establish the energy supply and with it hope for the human race.

In this thrilling do-or-die adventure, prospective players are set to experience zero gravity, explore barren deserts, huge space stations and abandoned settlements on the Moon’s surface. When the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, Earth’s last hope – a lone astronaut - must be the saviour of humanity in a desolate, inhospitable environment.  With a dimly lit ASE drone their only companion in the dark vacuum of space, players must piece together the events that befell a lunar colony through a narrative-driven experience unlike any other.

Deliver Us The Moon – will release later in 2019 and is available to wishlist now on Steam for Windows PC, and for Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in 2020.

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