PAX to #GetWired in Boston!

January 22, 2020

PAX to #GetWired in Boston!

Next month we are shipping our way out to Boston and attending Pax East!

If you are attending PAX from Feb 27th - March 1st you'll be able to come and say hi - check out a handful of fantastic games, and have a grand old time.

It's a grand opportunity to get early hands-on time with some of our anticipated up and coming titles in the form the exhilarating 'Falconeer' and nerve-rattling 'Those Who Remain', as well as attempting to 'Deliver Us The Moon' or kickstart the PaxParty on 'Avicii Invector' if you haven't already experienced some the highest acclaimed Indie releases.

We are all super excited to come and share PAX with you all! 
So come over and give us a hi-5 and get excited for a pretty stellar year of games ahead.

We'll see you next month! :D