Meet The Mancer Order in the new Falconeer trailer

March 20, 2020

The New Mancer Trailer for The Falconeer

The world of the Falconeer plays host to many fantastic characters and factions.

In our brand new trailer you can learn more about The Mancer Order, a specialist faction that value knowledge and technology above all else - and use it to expertly weave their influence over the Great Ursee.

The Mancer Order

One of the most powerful factions of the Ursee, the Mancer Order are a truly ancient order that gathers unto itself all science, technology in this world, and doles it out via permits and rigid control schemes to the noble houses of other factions. The Ursee is a truly ancient place and many civilisations have risen and fallen while the Mancer Order observed.

To learn more about the Mancer Order, check out the recently released DevBlog on steam available here :

Meet The Mancer DevBlog

The Basilicus Vaults in The Falconeer

Oberons Reach - a shrine to a time long past

The Stargazer in The Falconeer

There is much much more to learn about the Mancer Order, a fascinating faction with superstition and legend in their past, but their eyes forward and using superior technology and firepower to maintain an iron grip on their position - but those stories are for another time...

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