Avicii Invector Steam Patch is now live

January 21, 2020

Avicii Invector Steam Patch is now live

The latest patch for Avicii Invector went live over the weekend on Steam!

Featuring some additional localization, bug squashing, and visual fixes & some quality of life improvements.

Full patch notes are as follows:-

Added Traditional Chinese
Added Danish

Fix for graphics settings
Fix for missing badges in song select
Fix high score bug, where you always placed 10th even if you did not make it to top 10
Removed misplace badges glow in song select
Fix flashing triangle tunnel
Optimization in the Valley Level

Changed how % is displayed. Previously the % updated for every successful and missed pickup. Now it starts at 100 and only goes down for every missed one.

The patch is currently undergoing review for Xbox One and Playstation 4.