Internal Upgrades and Flipping Things Upside Down

June 30, 2020

Internal Upgrades and Flipping Things Upside Down

2020 has been an unprecedented, challenging year. Around the world, millions of lives have been affected by Covid-19. Even here at Wired, we've seen our team go from office-based to remote working, and we've seen release dates moved by weeks and months.

Despite this, we're proud of everyone at Wired, and the team here has been incredible in working and adapting quickly to a new normal. The truth however, is as a company, we've been preparing and looking at flipping how we work upside down for the past year. We already had policies in place and the resources to support remote working, with the full Wired team based in the UK, central Europe, Russia and the US. Our team's old fashioned hard work has enabled us to launch two games, join a few digital events and continue to prepare our next set of IPs, of which we can't wait to talk about soon!

Amongst this, 2020 saw Gary Marshall join our team (a hell of a first few months, Gary!) and Sean Walsh, previously of Disney and Bandai Namco, rejoin Wired as Senior Product Manager, leading our product line-up in 2020. In fact, over the past 12 months and beyond, we've grown by more than 60% as a company. Today we announced two key strategic hires. First,, Neil Broadhead has been promoted to Head of Marketing. Neil's role is to manage the Marketing teams and functions across Wired Productions as we head towards a new generation of hardware. Neil's ambition for our games and passion for the Wired brand have been incredible to see first hand.

Secondly, we're honestly so happy to share that industry veteran Gareth Williams has joined as Head of Publishing. His aim is to help Wired nurture it's developer relationships, to seek out new developers with great games. These appointments cement key positions as Wired accelerate our product portfolio and continue to build our product portfolio.

The recent changes include the expansion of our teams at a local territory level in the UK, Central Europe, Russia, The United States and China, and are aimed at solidifying a flexible business model that can deliver targeted local results, as well as supporting the wave of new IP being brought to market following our recent successful launches of titles such as Deliver Us The Moon, Close To The Sun and Those Who Remain. We're now actively seeking to hire additional Product Managers, Producers and Executives for our Head office in the UK to support the 2020/2021 next-gen range of new IP’s.

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