GRIP VR Stream Now on Youtube!

April 02, 2020

GRIP VR Stream Youtube

So hopefully you heard yesterday about our super awesome FREE update to GRIP on Steam which added in VR support!

In order to demonstrate that this was definitely no April Fool - we strapped our Social Media guru into a headset and sent him out in order to do battle against the GRIP PC community.

Did he throw up? Did he win any races? Were all the paint jobs he created monstrosities? If you missed the show then these are questions that are no doubt burning in your mind.

Lucky for you we have uploaded the stream to YouTube to find the answers to those questions and more!

Pretty neat huh? 
If you haven't already - you should check out GRIP on STEAM right here and experience the VR insanity for yourself!

And if you are already an avid racer - you can find frequent race days, tournaments and inside game knowledge over at the official Grip Discord found here!

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Keep your eyes peeled for the next stream!